0.5ms Gaming Monitor from MSI: NXG252R Oculux

The NXG252R monitor is 24.5 inches in size and has 1920×1080 Full HD resolution. It has a 240 Hz refresh rate, so it can really draw 240 FPS on the screen frame by frame. The color change time of the pixels decreases below 1 millisecond and reaches 0.5 ms. Without Ghosting, it is possible to obtain a clear image without blurring and ghosting effects caused by the slow color transition in scenes with fast pixel-to-pixel speeds.

Of course, this is not possible with IPS type panels yet, a TN type panel is used. But the classic TN vulnerabilities are also greatly reduced. Just for this reason, we touched on this point by looking at the monitor from the sides, above and below. We saw a perspective beyond what we expected.

Although thin bezels attract attention in terms of design, the case is not very thin for cooling and electronics, as we are used to in 240 Hz monitors. In fact, thanks to the lighting technology, it can only work with a 65-watt adapter. It’s pretty good aesthetically, but the model on display at the fairground is probably one of the first prototypes. Because it didn’t even have the MSI logo on it.

The monitor, measuring 506.1 x 182.4 x 507 mm, has 1 x DP 1.2 (240Hz), 1 x HDMI 1.4 (60Hz), 3 x USB 3.1 Gen1 Type A (Side) and 1 x USB 3.1 Gen1 Type B port for PC connection. You have to connect USB for MSI’s typing support, but the side ports are closer to the case and you get more ports.

MSI, which joined the monitor market in a near time, first attracted attention with its VA curved 144 Hz models. Now he has taken this even further with the MSI Oculux NXG252R eSports GSYNC developed for tournament level eSports competitions. Let’s see what’s next?

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