10 TV Shows That Disappointed With Their Last Season

Although the fans had high hopes for the final season of Game of Thrones, the results were not as expected. Especially the generation Z, who grew up with the series, is very angry with the finale of the series.

Rotten Tomatoes has identified 10 shows as bad as Game of Thrones, perhaps even worse, with its final season. Here are 10 series whose finale disappointed people:

game of Thrones


The highest rated season of the series was the 4th season, while the last season received a fresh rating of 53%. The writers of the series were criticized a lot, there were problems in everything from the shooting to the script. Everyone knows the subject.



Dexter was so disappointed in his last season that even those who didn’t watch the series rebelled, “Will it be the end like this, shame on people”. The best comment about the series, “he punished his audience instead of punishing his wrongdoing antihero”, sums up the situation exactly.



Weeds season 2’s Rotten Tomatoes score is 100%, so everyone said watch it. The last season of this black comedy remained at 40%. The audience, who said that the last season almost destroyed the series, said that the series had nothing to do with the series they loved in the final season. It’s a shame they changed the genre and played the same song again and again.

The Killing


This mystery series received 100% in the first season from the series that started well. The series, whose last season fell to 47%, was known for its finely written script and relatable characters. The series, which Netflix took and resurrected after its cancellation, suddenly turned into a zombie version of itself.



Vampires are real, and they drink bottled blood. HBO was behind the series, which was adapted from the Southern Gothic Sookie Stackhouse series. The series, which peaked in its third season, failed in the final.

Arrested Development


Although the final season of the series failed, it was the fourth season that was bad. Arrested Development, one of the productions that received 100% in the first season, is one of the productions that turned into a weirdo in the hands of Netflix. While the 4th season score of the series was only 27%, the final season received 55%.



Unreal, a rather dark drama series, was one of the few productions that focused on the female character. The series lost this feature in its last season and turned into a poorly written and unfocused production. As a result, he only got 43% in the last season.



The fourth season of Sherlock, whose first three seasons were highly acclaimed, came out two years ago. This season, the audience was not very excited and was not liked very much. The long gap in the series resulted in increased expectations, but the last season could not carry this excitement. Sound familiar?



Entourage is not the best comedy series of all time, but it was a very popular production. The final episodes of HBO’s comedy series were far from telling the best stories, and ultimately dropped by 46%.

Prison Break


Fox’s series started as very popular and took the world by storm. The series was not expected to last very long, after all, except for the penalties for certain crimes, if you do not escape from the prison in a certain time, they already let you go. The final episodes of the series disrupted the whole story flow and received the title of rotten with very bad scores.

Bonus: Lost


The Lost series was also a huge phenomenon, where people set up forums, pondered theories for hours, and was an endless series of mystery and tension. Jake in Lost was a girls’ dream, the mysterious numbers in the first episode were the numbers people used to play the lottery. Then came the final season of the series. People watched the whole season and then they were like, “Well, what is it now?” said. It was said that “We are starting to end up like Lost” to describe relationships that ended badly.

Bonus #2: The Sopranos


In the middle of the episode the screen went black, nothing was explained. He has already feathered the last season, when things were meaninglessly confused and explanations were held together by a thread. It was a series that ended with what we expected and what we found. On the bright side, no one else will be able to make this ending.

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