10 Ways To Be A Loved Person According To Scientific Research

With the stress of daily life and many surprise developments, our relationships with people can also change. Although this is a problem that some people can overcome, it can cause many people to become withdrawn.

In this article, we will take a look at 10 elements that have been confirmed by scientific research. It is known that each of these elements positively affects our relations with people scientifically.

1. Imitating body language:

Although it may seem a bit strange at first glance, imitating the other person’s gestures and facial expressions is the golden key to a more positive communication. It’s a scientifically proven fact that imitating the other person’s body language provides good communication.


2. Spending more time together:

It is a fact that everyone accepts that the more time you spend with a person, the closer you become. What science calls the “exposure effect” occurs when people like what they often see more and more over time. Science proves that this is human nature with many different studies.

3. Controlling praise:

Every person enjoys praise and compliments. But did you know that the adjectives you use to describe someone to someone are associated with you? IFL Science, the inventor of this definition, says, “If you describe anyone as kind or intelligent, people will describe you by those adjectives.” In addition, it is a scientific fact that frequent compliments and compliments have the opposite effect. It is another fact that the praise made on time and thought over is very constructive.


4. Staying happy:

No one wants to see someone around them who is constantly pouting and unhappy. Because the low mode of anyone around you will affect you a lot. If you want your relationships with people to be healthier and more permanent, you should not forget to look happy. It has also been proven that people with happy and positive people around them are more successful and productive.

5. Making mistakes:

Although it may seem a bit strange, making mistakes positively affects people’s perspectives on you. Contrary to popular belief, trying to look perfect all the time puts you in a much worse position. It will be much more beneficial for you and your environment not to hide from people that you have made mistakes and what you can do.

6. Making small touches:

Many scientific studies say that small touches are beneficial when communicating in bilateral relations and in our daily life. Since small touches on the shoulder or arm offer a warmer mood, they directly affect relationships and make the other person see you as a more positive person.


7. Smiling:

As we mentioned in the fourth item, it is extremely important to spread positive energy. The fact that people around you remember you as a sweet person, not a strict person, both stabilizes your memory and strengthens the bond in your relationships.

8. Feeling loved:

This fact, proven by many experiments, proves that when we think someone likes or sympathizes with us, we feel closer to them. This is a situation that can be achieved by living with a positive profile all the time.

9. Having a sense of humor:

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors that cause us to be influenced by a person is a sense of humor. It is an accepted fact that people with a sense of humor that can be considered high quality are loved in every environment.


10. Listening to people:

The most basic condition for establishing a healthy relationship with someone is to know them correctly. The first stage of correct recognition is to listen to what the other person has to say. Thus, our relationships with people we know correctly will be much healthier.

Each of the items we listed above have been formalized by IFL Science based on scientific research. Of course, it is not possible for it to have the same effect on every person, but we can cite the above items as the main conditions for being loved by the society.

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