12 Technological Products You Can Buy for the Price of Galaxy Fold

Although technology is an expensive industry, the concepts we call ‘new technology’ or ‘experimental technology’ can be much more expensive. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, which has been talked about a lot recently and has become the center of attention, can be given as an example of the concept we call ‘experimental technology’. The device, which contains a technology that is a pioneer in its field, is far from the concept of budget-friendly. Today, we examined how many and various technological products you can buy for the same money as the Galaxy Fold.

Note: You can access the Teknostore pages of the products through the headings.

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Smart Electric Scooter


A small but effective suggestion to get rid of traffic problem in big cities Xiaomi, with its smart electric scooter called Mijia M365, is perfect for transporting you without getting stuck in the traffic you want to go. You can get rid of traffic problems with the scooter, which can reach a speed of 25 km per hour and have a range of 30 km.

Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos Sports Smart Watch with GPS


Xiaomi’s stylish and functional smart sports watch watch Amazfit is among the few watches that come to the rescue of those who want a smart watch without sacrificing a classic look. The watch, which is water and dust resistant, also draws attention with its 5-day use and 11-day standby time. In addition to all these, it is also worth noting that the watch needs 2 to 3 hours to reach full charge.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Bluetooth Sports Headset

You can take your music taste to the next level with Xiaomi Mi Airdots, which we call Apple Airpods killer. The headset, which offers a trouble-free use to its users with a 10-hour usage time and a battery that fills in an hour, also has a range of 10 meters.

Xiaomi Mijia TV Soundbar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speaker that can be preferred by those who want to set up a cinema system in their home Mijia TV soundbar will bring quality and elegance to your home. You can connect the Bluetooth and 3.5 mm AUX input to your TV or Bluetooth supported devices and enjoy high quality music or movies.

HP f870g + HP RC3 Front & Rear Dash Camera Kit


A requirement for monitoring accidents in vehicles Vehicle camera kits, which have become popular, can be used as evidence in many incidents recently. If you are also considering the safety of yourself and your vehicle, you can consider HP’s vehicle camera kit. Finally, it is worth noting that both cameras can record video in 1080p resolution.

Anker Eufy Robovac 11S High Suction Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter


When we saw that there were sweeping robots, we thought it would be in the very future, but the future is now just a click away. You can get rid of another job you have to do thanks to the smart vacuum cleaner that cleans your house for you while you are doing other things. Let’s also say that the robot, which is compatible for carpet and hard floors, can sweep for 1.5 hours.

Xiaomi Yi 2 4K Plus Action Camera Kit (Waterproof Case)


A must-have action for adventurers cameras are an extraordinary opportunity for you not to miss the adrenaline-filled moments you experience. Xiaomi’s 4K-supported action camera stands out as a perfect fit for such situations. The camera, which is waterproof up to 40 meters thanks to its waterproof case, is also the favorite of adventure lovers with its 155-degree wide-angle shooting and up to 2 hours of shooting time in 4K 30 fps.

Xiaomi SCISHARE Capsule Espresso Coffee Machine


Espresso, which is indispensable for coffee lovers, lasts for a long time when made well. It can affect you. Xiaomi’s capsule espresso machine SCISHARE also promises you an unforgettable coffee experience. With the machine, which has a pressure of 19 bars and you can use capsules of many brands, your espresso will be on your table whenever you want. Let’s not forget that there are 40 coffee capsules in the box.

Xiaomi Mijia LF Hot Compress Foot Massager

If there’s one thing you can get rid of after a busy day, it’s a good massage. Thanks to Xiaomi’s new technologies, the hot compress foot massager, which gives you the feeling of a professional masseuse, will be waiting for you in your home, office or working environment, ready to relax.

Xiaomi Mi PM2.5 Portable Smart Air Quality Detector

Have you ever wondered how breathable the air in your environment is? If you are one of our readers who answered “yes”, you can find out about it anywhere thanks to Xiaomi’s portable smart air detector.

Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Wireless Projector and Speaker


We talked about cinema systems above. What if we told you that we have an amateur cinema system recommendation? Of course, it doesn’t make much sense to choose the amateur one when there is a professional one, but it has one plus: it is portable. It is possible to turn any flat surface into a movie screen thanks to the speaker projection, which includes TV series, movies and video platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. The projector, which promises to be used for up to 4 hours, reaches a full charge in 2.5 hours. Finally, it is worth noting that the projection also has a width of between 20 and 100 inches.

DJI Spark Camera Drone

DJI’s smallest drone, Spark, offers its users an excellent experience for drone lovers. You can enjoy the sky with the drone, which provides a speed of up to 50 km per hour in a windless environment, follow me mode, Full HD 30 fps camera recording thanks to its 12 MP camera, and a 16-minute flight experience.

We have come to the end of our article where we list the technological products you can buy instead of buying Samsung’s foldable phone Galaxy Fold. You can reach the Teknostore pages of the products you are curious about through the headings. Until we see you in another article, bye.

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