14 Lesser Known Quality Films of Cüneyt Arkın

When you think of comic book movies, do you think of the first Marvel and DC universes? In fact, these works in Turkey had started before, when Yeşilçam was at its peak. actually a doctor Fahrettin Cüreklibatur A man named shone in these films thanks to his charismatic stance and successful acting. millions of him Cüneyt Arkinrecognized as…

Watching movies from the 60s, 70s and 80s may not appeal to most people who read this article, but Cüneyt Arkın was a person who transcended time-bound borders and was known to almost everyone from 7 to 70. That’s why, in this article, we have compiled his treasured works that will allow you to get to know him better and are overshadowed by his more popular films. Featured in 30 movies in 2 yearsWe are talking about a name.

  • NOTE:In this list, there are less well-known films that are worth watching today, instead of already cult and popular productions such as Malkoçoğlu, Battalgazi, Kara Murat.

Cüneyt Arkın’s lesser known films:

Expatriate Birds
His eyes are worth a lifetime
Ruby Eyed Cat
As People Live
Wounded Wolf
The Undefeated
Two friends
Citizen Consent
Daddy Eagle
Power of Law
Teacher Kemal
Where the Rose Ends
BONUS: The James Bond story

An unforgettable production that won the Best Film and Best Director awards, and that captured Turkey from the eyes of a family: Gurbet Kuşları

  • Year:1964
  • Type:Drama
  • Director:Halit Refig
  • Scriptwriter:Turgut Ozakman
  • Players:Mumtaz Ener, Tanju Gursu, Cüneyt Arkin

This production, which won 2 grand prizes in the Golden Orange, became a movie that made Turkey’s name heard in the world cinema of the period. Due to economic opportunities “migration from village to city” the current is experienced; For this reason, these were the years when many families left the place where they were born and grew up and became estranged from their own country. The film tells the story of such a family. While watching, you will have a very serious impression of the Turkey of the period.

“While I was serving in Eskişehir, I met Halit Refiğ, who was shooting the Dawn Watchers with Göksel Arsoy near our barracks. Halit Abi wanted me to enter the contest of Artist Magazine. When he won, my movie adventure started with his role in Gurbet Kuşları.”

The movie, which started Cüneyt Arkın’s career as a young man, stars with Türkan Şoray: Gözleri Ömre Bedel

  • Year:1964
  • Type:romantic drama
  • Director:Ülkü Erakalin
  • Scriptwriter:Suavi Sualp and Sadik Şendil
  • Players:Turkan Soray, Cüneyt Arkin, Ekrem Bora

Cüneyt Arkın found himself in Yeşilçam when he won the competition organized by Artist, the popular magazine of the period. The first movie in which he took a leading role was this production, which even those who thought that Yeşilçam was just a romantic drama watched it over and over. Because he was influenced by Türkan Şoray during the shooting of the movie who said his knees were shakingCüneyt Arkın later made the following statement about Şoray:

“I was as much in love with the cinema as I was with you. I was surprised when the two came together. We didn’t play love, we created it. I would admire Türkan’s childlike innocence.”

A dusty crime scene from the years before color films were made: The Cat with Ruby Eyes

  • Year:1969
  • Type:detective thriller
  • Director:Nejat Transparent
  • Scriptwriter:Nejat Saydam and Umit Denzi
  • Players:Cüneyt Arkın, Selda Akkor, Neriman Köksal

Ruby Eyed Cat is one of the first major productions in Cüneyt Arkın’s career. James Bond It is never hidden that he was inspired by his stories. In Korea, the ruby ​​stone eyes of an ancient Buddha statue were stolen. The production, which was full of tension according to the audience of the period, may seem a little makeshift when you watch it today. However, if you want to see what was tried in Turkish cinema at the time, we recommend it.

If we said Cüneyt Arkın, we cannot continue without a Yeşilçam classic romantic film. The film with a dominant literary aspect and the lines jumping out of romance novels: As People Live

  • Year:1969
  • Type:romantic drama
  • Director:Memduh Un
  • Scenario:Duygu Sağıroğlu
  • Players:Cuneyt Arkin, Sema Ozcan, Gulten Ceylan

Of course, Cüneyt Arkın also contributed to the genre as a young man during the years when romantic films peaked in Yeşilçam. As people live, its literary aspect is heavy like its name. love old romance movies Those who want to see Istanbul and Turkey of the periodwaiting for.

Crime thriller movie that brought the Best Actor award to Cüneyt Arkın: Wounded Wolf

  • Year:1972
  • Type:Crime
  • Director:Memduh Un
  • Scriptwriter:Selim Ileri
  • Players:Cüneyt Arkın, Selda Alkor, Neriman Köksal

Crime films also had an important place in Yeşilçam. Cüneyt Arkın, who gives life to a hired killer who got out of prison, in this movie In the story “Immigration to Germany” plays the lead role. This murderer, who gets a murder job from someone he doesn’t know, is defrauded and tries to take revenge.

What can happen to a successful journalist? The movie Undefeated proves that expectations never change in Turkey:

  • Year:1976
  • Type:Drama
  • Director:Atif Yilmaz
  • Scriptwriter:Erdogan Tunas and Atif Yilmaz
  • Players:Cüneyt Arkın, Müjde Ar, Hayati Hamzaoğlu

Journalist Murat covers the tragedy of a woman who is kidnapped and raped by three men. That’s when it starts, just like today’s femicides and rape cases, diversions of targets… The woman is declared guilty, but Murat pursues the truth due to his journalistic duty. Arkın at the Golden Orange with this movie The best actorhas been chosen…

The censored movie “Coup”, or Two Friends with its censored name:

  • Year:1978
  • Type:Drama
  • Director:Yavuz Ozkan
  • Scriptwriter:Olkan Ozyurt
  • Players:Cuneyt Arkin, Heirloom Ejder, Fikret Hakan

We follow the story of two Korean veteran friends trying to solve a murder. However, the traces of the murder drag them into the social and political problems in the country. name and because of the employee-employer textThe name of the movie, whose script was revised, was also changed to Two Friends.

Do you remember the Soma disaster in Manisa? Possible reasons were explained in this movie years ago:

  • Year:1979
  • Type:Drama
  • Director:Yavuz Ozkan
  • Scriptwriter:Yavuz Ozkan
  • Players:Cüneyt Arkın, Sümer Tilmac, Renan Fosforoğlu

in Golden Orange Winner of 7 awards This unique production tells us the struggle of a group of miners, but what a struggle… The messages given in the film about the social, social and political structure of the period are so clear and striking that it is difficult to describe in writing here. We do not know whether it will receive the same rewards or be liked in the same way if it is re-pulled.

Cüneyt Arkın is now handsome young, superhero roles. Now Turkey tells its facts: Citizen Rıza

  • Year:1979
  • Type:Drama
  • Director:Yavuz Ozkan
  • Scriptwriter:Yavuz Ozkan
  • Players:Cüneyt Arkın, Sümer Tilmac, Renan Fosforoğlu

Towards the end of the 70s, just like Kemal Sunal and Tarık Akan, Cüneyt Arkın was among the people, bearing traces of people in the street He starts acting in movies. Iron worker Rıza, whose shanty house was destroyed by a rich young man’s car crash; tries to seek his rights through legal means. Riza is left alone when her neighbors, who were silenced with money, are not involved in the event…

Baba Kartal, whose story was inspired by the movie Baba II:

  • Year:1979
  • Type:Drama
  • Director:Cüneyt Arkin
  • Scriptwriter:Sefa Önal
  • Players:Cüneyt Arkın, Deniz Akbulut, Bilal İnci

Migrants from a Sicilian village to the United States in the 1974 movie Father 2 The story of Don Carleone has inspired many movies. Baba Kartal, which stands out as one of Yeşilcam’s adaptations, localizes this story and tells the story of a poor man who migrated from the village to the city, getting involved in dirty work with his family.

The movie written, directed and starring Cüneyt Arkın: The Power of Law

  • Year:1979
  • Type:detective adventure
  • Director:Cüneyt Arkin
  • Scriptwriter:Cüneyt Arkın and Sefa Önal
  • Players:Cüneyt Arkin, Deniz Akbulut, Haluk Durak

In this movie, police officer Ahmet struggles with the mafia boss Sungur, the owner of the big drug networks and smuggling networks in Istanbul. Ahmet, who was expelled from the police officer, will not give up and will continue to fight.

The struggle of the teacher who told the republic to a village in Anatolia: Teacher Kemal

  • Year:1981
  • Type:Drama
  • Director:Remzi Young Turk
  • Scriptwriter:Mehmet Aydin
  • Players:Cüneyt Arkın, Fikret Hakan, Esref Kolçak

As you guessed, the loyal teacher Kemal, who took his name from Atatürk and raised by the young Turkish Republic, in a mostly illiterate village is assigned. However, he will not only teach his students here, but Kemal will take the whole village against him for the sake of what he believes in.

Dramatic story of a father: Oğulcan

  • Year:1990
  • Type:Drama
  • Director:Cüneyt Arkin
  • Scriptwriter:Cüneyt Arkin
  • Players:Cüneyt Arkın, Kadir Kök, Orhun Seydik

Written and directed by Cüneyt Arkın, this production is like a resting point in Arkın’s career. Arkın, who has been in front of the audience for many years with his struggle films, is the one who is abandoned by his wife in this film. a father’s struggle for survival with his sontells.

The movie that was banned by the ministry for a while: Where the Rose Ends


Like the other movies on the list, this movie does not have a YouTube version. in the period of September 12The production, which tells about the tragic events and their effects, was forbidden to be published and distributed in Turkey for a while after it was published.

BONUS: If he had accepted, we would have watched Cüneyt Arkın as the real James Bond:


James Bond, one of the most generic characters in the history of cinema, has been portrayed by many actors to date. Moreover, these actors were not only American or British. After the success of the first James Bond movie, the producers searched for a new face and came to Istanbul for the shining star of the period, Cüneyt Arkın. However, he rejects this offer. Roger Moore, elected as his replacement Brings the Bond character to life throughout 7 movies . Arkın describes those days and why he rejected the offer as follows:

“It’s not a myth, I really refused… The men came this far, but I did not take kindly to it. They made Roger Moore James Bond instead of me. There is no private life in Hollywood. You can neither travel as you want nor can you have a word or two with friends. I didn’t have a private life here either, but at least I was in my nation. I was crowing in my own dumpster. Years later, we met Ömer Şerif at a party. He said to me, ‘I have everything but no homeland. You’ll be stateless to earn those dollars, friend. That doesn’t suit me either.”

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