14 Unanswered Questions in Game of Thrones

With the end of the Game of Thrones series, the followers of the series want to hear the answers to the questions they asked throughout the eight seasons. There are many questions left unanswered by the final season that literally swept away.

The post from here contains many spoilers about the series.

While the series finale has filled in certain key points, from the fate of the Iron Throne to the completion of some major story chapters, there are still many unanswered questions. These questions are not superficial and do not add to the story, like what happened to the pig that killed Robert Baratheon. On the contrary, it is based on some foundations on which the story is built, and the fact that they are not explained disappoints the audience. Anyway, if the writers were good enough, they wouldn’t have had to make videos explaining the episode, anyway.


1- Where is Drogon?

Drogon takes Daenerys’ corpse and melts the iron throne away. No one knows where he is going or what he is doing. Bran says he can find the dragon, but no one knows its purpose. Drogon is a creature that could be of great importance in Westeros as the last living dragon.

2- Why Is Jon Snow Heading North?

Jon heads north at the end of the episode. Won’t Jon join the Night Watch? Okay, he doesn’t seem like a very successful soldier in his job, but he definitely has something to do, especially when the status quo is reestablished. Although it is possible for him to choose to walk away from politics because he is fed up with politics and turn towards a free life away from Westeros, as he told Ygritte, there is no motivation to explain this move of the character at the point he has reached.

3- Can Bran See the Future? If He Could See Why Didn’t He Speak At All?

Bran gave Arya the weapon that could kill the night king, best positioned herself as bait, and even came to King’s Landing saying, “I knew they were going to give me the crown.” But can Bran see the future? If so, why hasn’t he intervened in any event until now? The strength and power of the character, whose powers are not fully explained, is a matter of curiosity, but there is no satisfactory explanation.


4- What Happened to the Dothraki?

The Dothraki lost their own queen, Khaleesi. We know why Unsullied didn’t revolt, but no one explains why these friends didn’t, how they accepted Dany’s death and came back. They had already been declared extinct after the Long Night, where they were slaughtered in an extremely bad tactic, so it was strange that they were even here in the first place.

5- What Will Unsullied Do?

Tyrion promised the Unsullied crew land and a chance to become one of the homes of Westeros. We, on the other hand, saw the Gray Worm on a ship with the unspotted. Gray Worm and his army are probably on their way to rescue the people of Missandei, but there is no explanation. Yet it would be a fitting end for freed slaves to continue fighting to free other enslaved people.


6- Why Did the North Become Independent?

After Sansa suddenly separates the North from the Seven Kingdoms (technically now six) and becomes independent, the other lords accept without saying anything about their own status. From a story standpoint, Dorne’s request for independence would have been a much more likely and logical option. The North has no real reason for independence. For those who have come across in British history, Sansa is a character dependent on her advisors and ministers such as Queen Anne, whose power and household will be difficult to maintain. We don’t know what the end of the North will be, nor do we know why he ended the story by gaining independence. Because Bran is a Stark himself, he may have done some beautification to his old home, but it is unlikely that he did not see that this would anger the other lords.

7- What Happened to Dorne?

What happened in Dorne, which was both geographically and administratively remote, joined between the Seven Kingdoms 200 years later than the other kingdoms? We know that he is a new prince, but we do not know who this prince is, what Dorne thinks, whether he wants independence. More explanation was needed about Dorne, although no one paid attention to it, as fans of the series did not like Dorne stories very much.


8- Where is Nymeria?

Because of the CGI budget, we saw very little wild wolves. Where is Nymeria, one of the last two wolves of the Starks, and what she is doing, we have never seen this season. He set up a pack for himself last season, we don’t know what the end of it was.

9- What Happened to the Warlocks of Qarth?

We’ve seen quite a bit of Warth’s mages in seasons 2 and 3, they’re so involved in the full story that everyone forgets. These wizards were after Dany and her dragons. Because it would be possible to cast much stronger spells using dragons. What happened to them is now unknown.

10- Where Did the Prophecies Go?

The Game of Thrones series has focused on prophecies for a very long time, and the results of these prophecies have also been the focus of many fan theories. Conclusion? The prophecies were forgotten, the results were not tied. The story infrastructure was based on prophecies. Where is Azor Ahai? How will the prophecy end? Why weren’t any of the prophecies made to Cersei used, even though they prepared the groundwork? It would have been much more meaningful if Jaime had killed Cersei as in the prophecy and would have appropriately completed the character’s story. It didn’t happen.


11- What Does Daario Naharis Do?

Daario had become one of Dany’s key friends, and by the end of season six, he and his Second Sons mercenaries had been pretty handy. He was later forgotten. A man who is important to Daenerys and who has a large army in his hand, is not a character that can be said to be “We haven’t met for a long time” during the wars.

12- What Happened to the Reeds?

Ned Stark’s friend Howland Reed and his children Jojen and Meera have often shown that they are good friends of the Stark family. We could only see Howland in scenes showing the past, Jojen passed away, Meera was forgotten. Let’s take the series one more time. The Starks need allies in the Battle of Bastards. Is there a messenger, a raven, a character going to the reeds? No. In the Battle of Winterfell, all of humanity needs all the allies it can find. No one called House Reed again to ask. One asks how the army of the dead had the right to win after a point, how did people survive this mismanagement all this time.


13- What Were Robin Arryn and Edmure Tully Doing Until This Hour?

Robin Arryn, ruler of the Vale, lord of House Arryn, and lord and heir of Riverrun. In the final episode, he comes and votes for Bran to be crowned. The character we last saw in season 6 has not been around since then. Edmure was also a prisoner of Walderfrey, but now that he’s come to vote, it’s okay, he’s free too. So how did this happen? We don’t know. We don’t even know where the characters are all this time.

14- Tyrion Brought a Donkey and a Honeycomb to a Brothel, Then?

The man tried to make that joke 3 times, to tell the story three times, but we never heard the end. We wonder what it is but it will probably not be revealed.

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