165 Hz Nano IPS Gaming Monitor: LG 27GP850

The LG 27GP850 Nano IPS monitor stands out with its high resolution (2560×1440), wide-angle images and 98 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color spectrum. Its VESA 400 display reaches a brightness of up to 400 nits, while offering a screen refresh rate of 165 Hz (180 Hz with overclocking).

LG 27GP850

The color accuracy offered by the LG Nano IPS display enables game professionals, videographers and content creators to produce high brightness and contrast during preview and editing.

Tested and officially verified by NVIDIA, the G-SYNC Compatible LG 27GP850 monitor promises smooth and fast gaming by minimizing screen tearing and stuttering. The monitor also features AMD FreeSync Premium technology.

LG 27GP850 standi e1656596853183

The screen base, which is adjusted to change the tilt, height and axis of the screen, helps more comfortable gaming experience. The advanced game GUI provides customized modes for all games, allowing gamers to choose FPS or RTS mode and customize their own experience. Settings can be adjusted and optimized for all types of games. And with Dynamic Motion Sync, input lag can be reduced, helping gamers capture critical moments in real time.

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