25 Richest Bosses of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, home to tech giants, is primarily located in California. Companies settled in Silicon Valley, which is also mentioned as the most expensive place to live in the USA, are the world leaders in their fields. When we look at the 25 richest people working in this region, as you can imagine, we come across names such as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, and more.

25. Scott Cook


  • Revenue source: Intuit
  • Industry: Technology
  • Assets: $3.95 billion

Co-founder of Intuit (1983), a finance and business management application, Cook has been the CEO for 11 years. he is retired. However, Cook is still affiliated with Intuit and holds a 5% stake in the company.

24. Dagmar Dolby


  • Revenue source: Dolby Laboratories
  • Sector: Technology
  • Assets: $4.13 billion

She owns 38% of the Dolby company founded by her husband, Ray Dolby. Dolby is a company known especially for its work on sound.

23. Jensen Huang


  • Revenue source: Nvidia
  • Industry: Technology
  • Assets: $4.63 billion

Nvidia’s co-founder, Huang, is also a graphics card solutions manufacturer headquartered in Santa Clara, California. CEO and director.

22. Rupert Johnson, Jr.


  • Source of income: Franklin Templeton
  • Sector: Finance and investment
  • Assets: $4.70 billion

Rupert Johnson, Jr. is the CEO of Franklin Templeton Investments, an investment firm founded by his father in 1947.

21. Jeffrey Skoll


  • Revenue source: eBay
  • Industry: Technology
  • Assets: $5.24 billion

Skoll, who made real money as the manager of eBay in the 2000s, has many more jobs after that, especially his own name. He carried out his work in the companies he founded.

20. David Filo


  • Revenue source: Yahoo
  • Industry: Technology
  • Assets: $5.29 billion

Fleet, a founding partner of Yahoo in 1995; In addition to running Yahoo, he and his wife carry out projects for his own charity.

19. Jack Dorsey


  • Revenue source: Twitter
  • Industry: Technology
  • Assets: $5.29 billion

Dorsey, who became one of the founding partners of Twitter in 2006, assumed the CEO position for 2 years and left the job in 2008, but This separation did not last long. Dorsey returned to the CEO seat in 2015 and still holds the position.

18. George Roberts


  • Source of income: KKR & Co.
  • Industry: Finance and investment
  • Assets: $5.54 billion

Henry Kravis and Jerome Kohlberg George Roberts, who successfully carries out his business at KKR, which he founded jointly with the Silicon Valley, is in the 18th place in the list of the richest people in Silicon Valley.

17. George Lucas


  • Source of income: Lucasfilm, Ltd.
  • Industry: Media and entertainment
  • Assets: $5.61 billion

Star Wars and Indiana Jones There is no one who does not know George Lukas, the producer of his films. In addition to his success, his wealth is scarce.

16. Travis Kalanick


  • Revenue source: Uber
  • Industry: Technology
  • Assets: $5.84 billion

Kalanick, who was dismissed from the CEO seat due to some scandals, is the originator of Uber, which was founded in 2009. He still owns 7% of Uber’s shares.

15. Marc Benioff


  • Revenue source: Salesforce
  • Industry: Technology
  • Assets: $6.58 billion

Benioff, who founded his own company, Salesforce, after working under Oracle founder Larry Ellison, is now the CEO of his company.

14. John Sobrato


  • Source of income: Sobrato Development Cos.
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Asset: $6.8 billion

Possibly the only company without a job, Sobrato is a regular real estate company. Don’t look at what we call ordinary, Sobrato’s company also owns the offices of organizations such as Netflix.

13. John Doerr


  • Source of income: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byer
  • Industry: (1) ) Technology
  • Asset: $7.67 billion

As a director of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), Doerr runs the venture capital business there. Doerr’s; He also has a history from companies such as Amazon, AOL, Compaq, Electronic Arts, Google, Netscape and Twitter.

12. Charles Schwab


  • Source of income: Charles Schwab
  • Sector: Finance and investment
  • Assets: $8.29 billion

Schwab, who founded his company under his own name, unfortunately lost his management of the company in 2008. He is currently the director of the Charles Schwab company.

11. Robert Pera


  • Source of income: Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
  • Industry: Technology
  • Asset: $8.9 billion

After two-year career at Apple Pera, who founded the wireless communication equipment company in 2005, owns 75% of the company’s shares and also acts as the CEO.

10. Jan Koum


  • Source of income: WhatsApp, Inc.
  • Industry: Technology
  • Presence: $9.8 billion

After 9 years of Yahoo history, WhatsApp’s Koum, one of the founding partners of WhatsApp, took place on the board of WhatsApp after Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014. Koum left the company in 2018 after disagreements with Facebook management.

9. Gordon Moore


    • Revenue source: Intel
    • Industry: Technology
    • Assets: $10.84 billion

    Intel’s co-founder, Moore sits on the director’s chair of the billion-dollar company.

    8. Dustin Moskovitz


    • Revenue source: Facebook
    • Industry: Technology
    • Assets: $11.82 billion

    In addition to being Mark Zuckerberg’s roommate at Harvard, Moskovitz is the creator of Facebook and still owns Facebook. owns 3% of the shares.

    7. Eric Schmidt


    • Revenue source: Google
    • Industry: Technology
    • Assets: $13.69 billion

    CEO Schmidt, one of Google’s most successful employees of all time, was a manager and also worked in the technical support department.

    6. Laurene Powell Jobs


    • Source of income: Apple, Disney
    • Industry: Philanthropist
    • Assets: $20.08 billion

    Steve Jobs’ wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, holds $20 billion left over from her deceased husband, while at the same time a charity He also leads the Emerson Collective.

    5. Elon Musk


    • Revenue source: Tesla Motors, SpaceX
    • Industry: Automotive, space transportation technologies
    • Asset: $20.87 billion

    As the CEO of Tesla Motors, the electric car company he founded in 2003, Musk He is also the CEO of the $20 billion rocket company SpaceX.

    4. Sergey Brin


    • Revenue source: Google
    • Industry: Technology
    • Assets: $53.68 billion

    As the director of Google’s sister company Alphabet, Brin co-founded the Google search engine with his friend Larry Page at Stanford. founded together in 1998.

    3. Larry Page


    • Revenue source: Google
    • Industry: Technology
    • Existence: 54.87 billion dollars

    Larry Page, who co-founded Google with Sergey Brin in 1998, invented the search engine algorithm. He served as the first CEO of Google. He now remains the CEO of Alphabet.

    2. Larry Ellison


    • Source of income: Oracle
    • Industry: Technology
    • Assets: $65.22 billion

    One of the founding partners of Oracle in 1977, Larry Ellison served as the CEO of the company until 2014. He is also the CEO of Tesla. has great contributions.

    1. Mark Zuckerberg


    • Revenue source: Facebook
    • Industry: Technology, new media
    • Asset: $66.31 billion

    Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, the biggest giant of social media, with Dustin Moskovitz in Harvard’s dorm room . Today, Zuckerberg, besides being the richest boss in Silicon Valley, is dealing with some data privacy issues.

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