27,000mAh Capacity Powerbank That Charges Even MacBook

Hyper today announced its new HyperJuice 130W power bank portable chargers.

The new HyperJuice battery comes with two USB-C ports. One of these outputs can provide 100 W output. In this way, HyperJuice can even charge Apple laptops.

Hyper, the manufacturer of the battery that can charge MacBook Pro and iPad Pro at the same time using both outputs at the same time, says that its new battery is a world first. HyperJuice has a full 27,000 mAh capacity. The battery is manufactured in accordance with airline regulations and can be taken on a plane.


HyperJuice is designed to be fully compatible with Apple products and is available in silver and space gray colours. HyperJuice, which can be charged in just one hour thanks to its 112 W power adapter, can continue to charge other devices while charging.

HyperJuice is available abroad for $250.

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