29 Free Android Apps for a Short Time

As every week, we are here with the news that we have listed the applications that are free for a short time on Google Play this week as well. Games make up the majority of the list. Without further ado, let’s get to our list:

Planar Conquest


Normal price: 15.99 TL

In Planar Conguest, you have to create your own Sorcerer Lord and lead one of 4 different wild races. With more than 40 character traits and more than 300 spells, Planar Conquest offers players a beautiful idle game experience.

Sudden Warrior Plus (Tap RPG)


Normal price: 5.49 TL

This action RPG game stands out for being more fun than others. With its many playable worlds and monsters, simplified and easy-to-play mechanics, Sudden Warrior promises players a fun time. In the Premium version of the game, a lot of important items and 200 jewels are given at the beginning.

Tiny Defense 2 – Mini Robot Wars


Normal price: 12.99 TL

Tiny Defense 2 is the sequel to the original game downloaded by millions of people. The sequel features improved gameplay, cartoon-style graphics, and tons of new content.

Broken Words PRO


Normal price: 10.99 TL

Broken Words PRO is a word puzzle game that will test your English vocabulary in a fun and challenging way, while also allowing you to learn new things.

Blossom Clicker VIP


Normal price: 5.59 TL

If If you like cherry trees, this game is for you. Blossom Clicker is a game where you grow cherry trees for the cherry blossom festival. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of the game will make the players rest.



Normal price: $2.49

Dungeon999 wandering warrior A game where you explore 999-floor dungeons with Jack, Black Hair and the magician Rose. In the game, you can develop your characters, discover new magic and reach the 999th floor and suppress the rebellion of the creatures.

Dividing Fractions


Normal price: 8.09 TL

Dividing Fractions , as the name suggests, is an instructional math app designed to help you practice fractions. You can perform operations by drawing numbers thanks to the lying handwriting recognition feature in the application.

Fourth grade Math Skills – Division


Normal price: 8.09 TL

Like the previous application, this application is also an instructive math application. The application is designed to help users with the division process. In the application, how to divide up to 4-digit numbers is shown in detail.

Pet Defense VIP


Normal price: 5.59 TL

Pet Defense VIP is the Premium version of the Pet Defense game where you pit your pets against other people’s pets. In its premium version, it offers players an ad-free gaming experience with 40 unique pet dogs.

Simple small space shooting game


Normal price: 1.79 TL

As the name of the game suggests, Simple small space shooting game, a simple game made by a very humble producer, is a platform game where you have to control your spaceship and protect your home.

Sudoku: Cartoon


Normal price: 5.59 TL

Sudoku : Cartoon is a sudoku game that embellishes your normal sudoku experience with anime and cartoon characters.

Tap tap cartoonist – Cartoon999 (VIP)


Normal price: 2.49 TL

Cartoon999 (VIP), the Ad-free Premium version of the game Cartoon999 with 300 jewels, which has received a lot of positive feedback. In the game, we play Mr.Paper, who tries to take over the world with his cartoons.

Angel Fish: Super VIP


Normal price: 12.99 TL

Angel Fish is a game that combines fishing and RPG logic. Angel Fish, a mix of casual mini fishing games, gripping fantasy stories with RPG elements, is free for a short time.

Devil Twins: Super VIP


Normal price: 12.99 TL

Devil Twins, where you develop your characters and fight bosses, is a game that will fill your spare time quite well.

Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape


Regular price: 22.99 TL

Doors & Rooms is a very good escape room game. If you like solving puzzles and searching for mystery curtains, we recommend you not to miss this game.

English Riddles Guessing Game PRO


Normal price: 10.99 TL

English Riddles Guessing Game PRO is the ad-free version of the original game where you try to know the English riddles.

ExtremeJobs Knight’s Assistant VIP


Regular price: 3.99 TL

ExtremeJobs is an action RPG game that lets you have fun instead of spending your spare time bored. In the game with the logic of Idle RPG, you develop your character and enter the battles.

Laser Labyrinth


Normal price: 3.99 TL

Laser Labyrinth is a puzzle game where you try to pass the levels by directing the lasers. With 90 episodes, Laser Labyrinth is a good alternative to kill time.

Retro Pixel Climb


Normal price: 4.69 TL

Retro Pixel Climb is a climbing game with a nostalgic feel with its 8bit image. With over 70 challenging levels, this game will lock you into your phone.

Stickman Legends: Shadow War Offline Fighting Game


Regular price: 0.99 TL

Stickman Legends is a stickman fighting game that has adopted the RPG logic. Thanks to the offline mode, you will be able to fight your stickmen even when there is no internet.

The House


Normal price: 1.39 TL

The House , is an FPS horror game that is really scary according to the comments. With its advanced graphics and sound effects, The House will scare you.

Camera 4K Pro – Perfect Selfie, Video, Photo


Normal price: 2.49 TL

Camera 4K Pro is a camera app with many important features. There are many important features in the application such as face detection, focus, timer and white balance.

BlackCam Pro – B&W Camera


Normal price: 5.49 TL

BlackCam Pro is a camera application that allows you to take unique black and white photos. Apart from the black and white effect, there are many features in the application.

VectorScapes – Wallpaper Pack


Normal price: 3.49 TL

VectorScapes is a vector wallpaper application that prioritizes quality. Hundreds of 4K resolution vector wallpapers are available in the app.

O Icon Pack


Normal price: 3.59 TL

O Icon Pack is an icon app that gives that much to users who love simplicity. The application has more than 4100 simple icons and is updated every month with more added.



Normal price: 2.99 TL

Scalak, shapes A puzzle game where you pass the levels by completing them. Although it may sound simple to complete the shapes, the game is getting more and more challenging as there are 90 levels.

Zombie City Defense 2


Regular price: 12.99 TL

Zombie City Defense 2 is an ambitious tactical tower defense game. Take your troops to the field, develop your base, capture and strengthen abandoned buildings and defend yourself from zombies.

Concrete Defense 1940: WWII Tower Siege


Normal price: 4.09 TL

Concrete Defense 1940 is a tower defense game just like the previous zombie game, but the concept is different. In this game, you try to protect your base from the armies of the second world war.

Fall of Reich – WW2 Allied Siege


Normal price: 4.09 TL

Our last game is also a tower defense game, even the concept is the same as the previous one. In the game, you play a German commander trying to repel the Allied Forces.

This week, we have listed the apps that are free for a short time on Google Play. Don’t forget to follow our site for more 🙂

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