3 Interesting Wearables That Save Lives in Winter

The concept of “wearable technology”, which is more and more involved in our lives every day; It has a very broad definition as any electronic-based device that we can wear on our body, such as virtual reality glasses, smart watches and activity wristbands, or objects that can interact with other electronic devices. Beyond known examples, wearable technology products, which are expected to have a much wider application area in the future, have entered our wardrobes in the form of “smart clothing”. We have compiled three smart clothing products that make harsh winter conditions more livable for you.

Hi-Call Bluetooth Headset Smart Gloves


Hi-Call glove that allows you to make voice calls without taking your phone out of your pocket, hidden in the thumb part It has a speaker and a microphone at the wrist. You can directly answer or reject an incoming call thanks to the control buttons on the Hi-Call smart glove, which are connected to smart phones wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth support. In addition, thanks to the special texture on the finger parts of the Hi-Call glove that allows touch screen interaction, you can use your smartphones without removing your glove.

iHAT Smart Beanie with Bluetooth Headset

Combining berets, which are indispensable accessories of winter days, and Bluetooth supported headset technology, iHAT Smart Beanie, unlike its classical examples, has two hidden earphones and It has a microphone. With the control buttons on the iHAT Smart Beanie, which allows you to make voice calls as well as listening to music in the form of pairs of headphones, you can easily perform functions such as volume on – off, call answering or rejecting.

Xiaomi Mi Touch Screen Gloves


Beijing-based technology giant Xiaomi, which is more popular with its price-performance smartphones in our country, is actually As China’s national brand, it challenges our imagination with its “smart” concept products designed in almost every field. Mi gloves, which are both stylish and can interact very sensitively with any touch screen, eliminates the problem of using a phone with gloves, which is one of the biggest problems of today’s winter conditions. The special texture applied for the three fingers of each hand provides very sensitive screen interaction on all mobile devices with capacitive screens.

We have compiled three smart clothing products for you, especially in winter, if the above did not cut you off, you can follow the link here for more .

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