3 Trailers from Season 5 of Black Mirror Came All at Once

Netflix’s success as a streaming platform is largely due to its own series. One of these series is Black Mirror. The new season of the series, which deals with fear and tension in different ways every season, will start soon.

Netflix released the episode names and shared the trailers of three episodes before the series will be released on June 5th.

Striking Vipers will feature Anthony Mackie (MCU’s Falcon), Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow), Yahya Abdul Mateen (Aquaman), Pom Klementieff (MCU’s Matis), and Ludi Lin (Power Rangers). Virtual reality technology will be at the center of the department. You can watch the trailer of the episode below.

In the section called Smithereens, it is explained that a taxi driver, who provides services through applications, becomes the focus of all attention on a day that quickly gets out of control. The taxi driver probably also has mental health issues. You can watch the trailer of the episode below.

In Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, Miley Cyrus plays Ashley O, a fictional version of herself. It’s the story of a lonely teenager’s passion for reaching out to her favorite pop star and realizing that being close to that star isn’t as pleasant as it seems. In the episode, Cyrus is somehow trapped inside an Amazon Echo-style assistant. You can watch the trailer of the episode below.

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