30 Billion Infiltration Attempts by Hackers!

Drawing attention to the report of the content distribution network Akamai, the antivirus software company ESET announced that 43 percent of all login attempts in the world were malicious. In automated attacks called “credential stuffing”, malicious people use previously compromised or leaked credentials.

Cyber ​​attackers try to infiltrate websites or private accounts of individuals, continuing their login attempts until they find the right combination.

Global antivirus software company ESET draws attention to the report of content delivery network Akamai in this direction. According to the report, in 2018, hackers attempted to fill in credentials 30 billion times using leaked login information.

Using the same password for different sites aggravates the problem

The fact that a wide range of username/password combinations are easily available on the Internet and that many people use the same login information on different sites indicates that this problem cannot be easily eliminated. In fact, on the contrary, 43 percent of all login attempts globally last year were malicious, according to the aforementioned report. Worryingly, these initiatives averaged between 0.1 percent and 2 percent in returns to attackers.

They just don’t take over the account

When successful, attackers not only take control of the account, but can also exploit online accounts for other malicious activities such as spam attacks, in addition to stealing the account holder’s personal information for identity theft purposes and using it for fraudulent purposes.

The USA, Russia and Canada are among the countries where the attacks took place. India is one of the main countries that are the target of attacks.

Media and entertainment industry targeted

From an industrial point of view, the media and entertainment industry is one of the leading sectors that are exposed to billions of credential filling attacks every year. Media, gaming and entertainment companies suffered 11.6 billion attacks between May and December 2018. There are records of up to 200 million attacks against the video broadcasting industry alone.

What can be done?

Simple ways to protect yourself from account hijacking attacks include using mixed and unique passwords, as well as enabling two-factor authentication and setting a unique password for each of your online accounts. In addition, choosing an up-to-date and proactive security software will prevent many troubles.

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