3000 MHz RAM Boost to Intel NUC

We know you’ve been waiting for a NUC review since we did our first unboxing with Ali. Rest assured, we want to review this product as much as you do, but when Intel said that it did not include SSD and RAM when sending the product to us, it made us wait for the product to be reviewed. Frankly, we did not want to examine the device with 2400 MHz memory. In this context, we contacted our friends at G.Skill and requested a 3000 MHz SO-DIMM from them.

Bringing a product here from Taiwan is not an easy task. Especially when tax is added to the products that pass through customs, even test products that we will not sell can sometimes be stuck. This is such an arbitrary situation that while the exact same product reaches us, we are informed that the package sent to hardwarehaber is stuck in customs. We did not want to leave anything to chance and during our visit to Computex we decided to buy the product directly from G.Skill itself.

Thanks to G.Skill, he provided us with the F4-3000C16D-16GRS models with 16 GB capacity, running at DDR4-3000 MHz. We put them on the NUC as soon as we got to the office. Of course, the fun part starts here. When we opened the NUC, we saw that the device was already 32 GB, running at DDR4-2400 MHz memory. On top of that, there was also a RAID SSD setup. We did not touch the SSDs, but we upgraded the RAMs to 3000 MHz. We enabled XMP, updated the BIOS and installed Windows 10 version 1903. We are now ready to test the Hades Canyon NUC! Stay tuned!

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