3D Supported DLP Projection from Acer: P5530i

The best alternative projectors in this regard are for users who have increased expectations for gaming and movie experience as they spend more time at home lately. With the Full HD resolution of Acer’s P5530i DLP projection model, you can get clear and deep images in any environment. In addition, with the P5530i, you can experience the most immersive entertainment in 3D in the comfort of your home with 3D glasses.

Promising to provide vivid images in bright environments with 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, the P5530i analyzes each frame of the projected image and balances the image with a dynamic contrast ratio reaching 20,000:1. The P5530i’s ColorBoost 3D technology ensures that even after thousands of hours of use, colors in both 2D and 3D content are as vivid and realistic as they are in nature. You can enjoy consistent and natural colors with ColorSafe II technology, which controls dynamic RGB levels to prevent color degradation, while Acer LumiSense technology adjusts picture brightness and color saturation according to the content you’re watching.

The P5530i’s BlueLightShield™ technology filters out harmful blue light to prevent eye strain for those who spend a long time in front of the projector. The device has three filter levels to suit different scenarios. Each level includes a dynamic mechanism that will optimize the blue light level according to the content. BlueLightShield™ technology reduces blue light by up to 30%, protecting your eyes against the negative effects of blue light.

Acer P5530i projeksiyon

Crestron® compatibility lets you control the projector wirelessly or over a LAN network, while multiple input and output features make it easy for users. Accessing entertainment is easy, thanks to two HDMI inputs for connecting DVD players, game consoles and more. The P5530i also has 1 VGA output and 1 USB input. With the Multimedia Play feature of the device, you can easily share the photos and documents on your personal USB drive, and you can transfer the content you want quickly and easily with the Mobile USB View feature. The projector has an integrated 16-Watt speaker, which will be especially useful for audio presentations and videos. With this powerful built-in speaker, you can feel more immersed in movies, music and games. It is possible to get rid of the mess created by cables with easy wireless projection options and wireless dongle design.

You can get a wide view with the 1.3x optical zoom feature of the P5530i. Horizontal and Vertical Keystone correction and 4 corner adjustments of the device prevent distorted and distorted images by producing proportional pictures every time. With the Automatic Ceiling Mount Correction feature, when you reverse the projection, the projected image is automatically reversed. With the Top Loading Lamp Design, you can quickly change lamps in just a few simple steps, even when the device is ceiling mounted.

Another striking feature of the P5530i, which draws attention with its design and white casing and weighs only 2.73 kg, is its lamp life of 10 thousand hours. Acer EcoProjection technology can increase lamp life by switching to standby mode when the device is idle. In this mode, power consumption can be reduced by up to 70%. However, when you put the projector in Extreme Eco Mode, the lamp life can go up to 15 thousand hours.

Acer P5530i is on sale with a price of 13,902.57 TL.

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