42 percent of social media users are annoyed by non-personalized content!

The number of social media users has reached 4.5 billion, exceeding half of the world’s population. The average daily social media usage time in Turkey has approached 3 hours.

The pandemic has increased the use of social media. According to a study from October 2021, time spent on social media has reached 2 hours and 27 minutes per person per day. The number of social media users, on the other hand, exceeded half of the world’s population (57.6%) and reached 4.5 billion. However, projections made 5 years ago predicted that these figures would be reached only in 2025. In Turkey, 70.8% of the population uses social media for 2 hours and 57 minutes every day. Growing numbers also raise expectations. Users are looking for customization in line with their tastes and needs. Islam Faisal, Founder and CEO of Touch Social, which is preparing to present the new social media platform Touchapp, which builds its brand value on personalization, at the beginning of December, said, “Research shows that 42% of users are uncomfortable with non-personalized content. While brands use personalization as an effective tool in digital marketing, the big world of social media turns into smaller worlds for groups and communities related to the personalization function. The personalization, which is realized in line with the interests, demographic characteristics and behaviors of the users by making use of advanced algorithms, shapes the development of the platforms.”

The key to smart and valuable content creation

Stating that personalization offers the key to creating smart and valuable content, Touch Social Founder and CEO Islam Faisal said, “In the face of the big picture presented by social media, users want to see the thumbnail that includes their own interests. With the new application we developed as Touch Social, we bring users together on a platform where they can produce the values ​​of their own world. We invite users to Touchapp to be an effective player in communities and groups created in line with their interests. We bring users closer to influencers, whose influence on social media has been increasing lately. With Touch Social, they can customize according to their interests and the influencers they like.”

Provides users with a source of motivation

Stating that Touch Social aims to provide users with the ability to build their own communities based on their interests and content they find valuable, İslam Faisal said, “We bring users together in groups that they will enjoy and appreciate, by removing disturbing content that does not interest them and raises the level of criticism to the level of bullying. We offer the source of motivation they seek in social media communication with our personalization feature, where they can manage the flow themselves. The efforts of Radity GmbH, which understood and correctly developed our idea, reinforced our vision.”

Users grade posts

Islam Faisal, who said that Touchapp’s ability to create a community, ask questions to famous names and influencers, as well as provide content manager identity to users with its content evaluation feature, said, “Only users’ likes guide the visibility of the content in our application. Shares gain visibility based on the notes users give. Users can share their ideas and skills by finding answers to questions covering their areas of interest through our platform. Posts are directed to other users based on their interests and locations. Thus, users can see the small picture inside the big picture.

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