42 percent of users cannot find what they are looking for in online shopping

According to current research, only 15% of online shoppers are satisfied with the process they experience. A large 42% of people complain about not being able to find what they are looking for. Bora Gül, Co-Founder of the local technology company AssistBox, says, “This is because visitors cannot find the opportunities they have while shopping in stores on e-commerce sites.”

Online shopping, which has attracted attention with its rise since the beginning of the pandemic, is no longer a trend brought by the epidemic, and is forcing the throne of physical stores around the world. However, according to a study by Contentsquare, only 15% of consumers say they are satisfied with their online shopping experience. Among the reasons for dissatisfaction, the customer’s failure to find what they are looking for stands out with 42%. In other words, 2 out of 5 people complain about not being able to find what they are looking for on the “e-commerce site”. While this picture brings up how the experience in the “physical store” can be transferred to the digital environment in the company of sales representatives, eyes are turned to smart solutions.

Making an assessment on the subject, Bora Gül, the Founding Partner of AssistBox, a domestic technology company, said, “Visitors on e-commerce sites have difficulty both finding the product they are looking for and making a purchase decision. The reason for this is that visitors cannot find the support they are used to in the physical store and the opportunity to see the product live on e-commerce sites. We can add features such as real-time video calls and live chat that eliminate these problems to websites with a very simple integration. In this way, a live store experience that responds to all kinds of needs of customers instantly, just like in the physical store, becomes possible in the virtual environment. Thus, the need to go to physical stores is gradually decreasing.”

Increases customer satisfaction by 90% and sales by 35%

Mentioning that as AssistBox, they offer solutions to create a store experience in the comfort of home, Bora Gül said, “In the system we offer, customers have the chance to ‘see’ the product. In other words, they do not have to go to the store to examine the product more closely. Real-time video calls, which allow products and opportunities to be presented just like in the physical store, screen sharing and real-time marking features that facilitate support in online sales processes, meet all expectations in the digital environment.
Customers meeting with the customer advisor in the virtual environment can see the product they want to buy directly in the store environment; can ask their questions about the product to the customer advisor. Thus, an increase of 90% in customer satisfaction and up to 35% in sales is recorded.

“We are ready to integrate all the players of the retail industry into the digital age”

Bora Gül also pointed out that digital solutions have become one of the basic conditions for gaining competitiveness: “Today, there is no obligation to go to the store in person to purchase any product. Almost all brands have their own e-commerce platform. Therefore, competition is now gaining a digital dimension. The need for digital solutions that will reduce costs and increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction is growing. We’re like ‘Bring the Store Home!’ We are making an effort to expand the vision of trade in our country with the AssistBox Online Store Service on this path we started with the motto. With the digital infrastructure we offer, we both eliminate the high costs of opening a physical store and provide an opportunity equivalent to opening a store all over the world. At the same time, we are currently working with leading companies in our country such as Arçelik, Vestel, Doğtaş, Kelebek, Lova Bed. We are ready to integrate all the players of the retail industry into the digital age.”

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