450 Gb of Data Allegedly Stolen From AMD

A relatively new hacking group, RansomHouse, has obtained “more than 450 Gb” of data from AMD, according to a report by Restore Privacy. @campuscody also independently released information about stolen data.

The RansomHouse group claims that it does not use ransomware, but instead serves as a “professional mediator” in negotiations between attackers and victims to secure payments for stolen data. AMD, on the other hand, stated that it is aware of the situation with the following words:

AMD is aware of a bad actor who claims to have stolen data from the company. An investigation is currently underway.

Restore Privacy says it’s examining data that contains items like “network files, system information, and AMD passwords.” However, it is unclear whether the information is genuine or directly linked to AMD attacks. So the bottom line is that the files are there, but the attack has not been confirmed yet.

The group claims that AMD uses simple passwords such as ‘password’ to protect their networks, leading to the breach. RansomHouse’s post says that AMD’s network was breached on January 5, 2022 and has 450Gb of stolen data. You may have noticed that the term “Gb” is used in the descriptions. This means “450 gigabits or 56 gigabytes (GB)”.

The news of the attack comes after data breaches of 112GB were stolen from AMD partner Gigabyte. All the information was previously released by the RansomEXX hacking group after Gigabyte/AMD refused to pay the ransom. As a result, information about AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 processors was disclosed before they were released and later proved to be true.

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