48-hour game development marathon begins

Game developers will meet at ÜNOG’s event on October 28 to produce ideas suitable for current technology. The game will be developed within 48 hours around the theme that will be announced as the Peak-sponsored Fall Jam begins.

Since the pandemic, the interest in the game industry continues to increase. Research on the gaming industry predicts that the global gaming market, worth $173.70 billion in 2020, will grow by an average of 9.64% each year until 2026, reaching $314.4 billion. This increase, which indicates 81% growth in 5 years, increases the demands for game developers. Within the framework of these developments, the UNOG Game Developer Community, which brings together independent game developers, is organizing the Fall Jam event, which will start on October 28, 2021 at 20:00 with the main sponsorship of Peak. Programmers, game designers, artists, music and sound designers who specialize in the game ecosystem will meet in the 48-hour event.

“Developers will design games for 48 hours”

ÜNOG Founding Director Sercan Muhlacı shared the following details about the event they organized for networking and information sharing: “Fall Jam is designed to improve the personal skills of the participants, to generate ideas and gain experience together. That’s why there are no rewards in the event. The game will be developed within 48 hours around the surprise theme that we will announce at the beginning of the event. Participants and volunteers will be in one-on-one communication. Thus, even though our event is online, we aim to increase the interaction as if we were in the physical environment.” Muhlacı invited everyone who wants to be involved in the game industry to join Full Jam by registering on the event page.

“We have reached 3,000 game developers since 2016”

Reminding that ÜNOG was founded in 2017, Sercan Muhlacı said, “We have reached 3,000 game developers in 5 years. Community members were requesting ÜNOG’s own game jam. After signing the highest participation in the EMEA region with 371 people at the Global Game Jam, which was attended by thousands of developers around the world, we said it was time to organize our own event and we decided to bring Fall Jam to life.”

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