5 Android Games and Apps with a Total Value of 37 TL

Again, we have listed the applications that are free on Google Play for a short time. We did not include icon packs in this list, taking into account the feedback from our followers. Without further ado, let’s get to the list.

Equalizer FX Pro


Normal price: 11,99 TL

Downloads: 10,000+

Equalizer FX is a bass and sound booster app with which you can get better sound quality from your smartphone. You can use this application with all music and video playback applications, and improve the original sound quality.



Normal price: 19.99 TL

Number of downloads: 10,000+

It goes without saying 2048, the puzzle game that many of us were once addicted to, but let’s get a summary anyway. 2048, you try to collect and empty the squares by sliding the numbers together so that not all 16 squares on the screen are filled and the same numbers do not come next to each other.

Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc


Normal price: 1.09 TL

Downloads: 5,000+

Mental Hospital is one of the games that will give you the best horror experience on your mobile device. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the slow paced atmosphere of the game, which gives you goosebumps with its music, will freeze your blood.

Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2


Normal price: 1.09 TL

Downloads: 50,000+

The sequel to the horror monument we just mentioned, Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc 2 comes with more advanced graphics, more detailed environmental design and a more terrifying atmosphere.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator


Normal price: 2.99 TL

Downloads: 50,000+

RFS is a simulator that brings the real flight experience to your mobile devices. With its advanced graphics and controls, it is possible to feel like you are flying a plane. You may even notice while playing that the game has a lot of details such as flight plans, aircraft models, different controls according to the weather, number of passengers, fuel condition and flight time.

This week, we have come to the end of our news where we have briefly listed free applications. As we said, we did not include icon packs in this list based on feedback from our followers. Don’t forget to stay tuned to our site for more 🙂

(It’s worth adding, as we get a lot of comments on this subject. We don’t make these applications free of charge, and we do not make these applications for free, and we choose the most outstanding applications among many free applications for a short time and list these lists.

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