5 Free Android Apps with a Total Value of 65 TL

Every week, certain applications are free for a short time on the Google Play Store. We have compiled applications that we think may be useful for you. Considering your comments, we tried not to focus on icon packs, but we did not forget to add an icon pack at the request of some of our readers.

Network Manager – Network Tools & Utilities (Pro)

Old price: 33.99 TL

Downloads: 50,000+

What would you say if we told you that a professional application that you can manage and view your device’s connections is free for a short time? Thanks to Network Manager, you can view all your connections and access the information you want to reach easily.

Greenskin Invasion


Old price: 11,99 TL

Downloads: 1.000+

You won’t be bored thanks to many different game modes in this adventurous game where strategy and dungeon games come together. Will you be able to survive in this game where you will try to improve your hero while completing dozens of missions?

Tiny Habit – daily habit tracker


Old price: 6, 89 TL

Number of downloads: 5,000+

Everything will turn into a piece of cake thanks to the application that motivates you to do something you want to do while tracking your habits. If you have difficulty in forming a certain habit, we say download this application without hesitation.

AppTime Pro – phone usage tracker


Old price: 6, 89 TL

Number of downloads: 1.000+

Thanks to the AppTime Pro application, you can track how much time you spend in which application. If you think you spend too much time with your phone, you can check it by downloading this application. Thanks to the application that warns you when you use it excessively, you will not be trapped in your phone.

Foro – Icon Pack


Old price: 7,19 TL

Number of downloads: 10,000+

At the bottom of our list, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, an icon pack welcomes us. You can instantly change the mood of your phone with the icon pack, which has a round design and embossed effect. In addition to all these, it is worth remembering that the icon pack, which also has 18 QHD wallpapers, is free for a short time.

This week, we have come to the end of our article where we list the applications that are free for a short time. You can share the points that you would like to see more in our list or that you think “This would be nice” in the comments section. See you next week in another article, bye (:

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