5 Free Android Apps Worth 62 TL for a Short Time

The applications, which are free for a limited time, offer lifetime use to their users, as they are downloaded once. Users are almost on guard for weekly discounts and special deals on Google’s mobile operating system app store, the Play Store. In this direction, we have compiled 5 Android games and applications that are completely free for you in this article.

5. Calculator Vault


Regular price: 1.89 TL

Downloads: 10.000+

The app, which looks like a calculator at first glance, is actually not like that at all. When you open the Calculator Vault application, which allows you to hide your private data from others, and enter the password you have set, you can access the photos, videos and more documents you have stored.

4. File Manager by Augustro


Regular price: TL 1.89

Number of installs: 10,000+

File Manager by Augustro, which can be an alternative to Android File Manager, besides being open source, allows you to find the file you are looking for and organize your smartphone’s internal memory much more successfully.

3. Manual Camera : DSLR Camera Professional


Regular price: 25.99 TL

Number of installs: 100,000 +

The Manual Camera application, which allows you to shoot by making fine adjustments on your smartphone with professional cameras, will be especially appreciated by users who want to capture lightning photos.

2. Lonely Hacker


Normal price: $19.99

Downloads: 100,000+

Once you start The Lonely Hacker game, which offers you the chance to experience being a hacker on your smartphone, you forget how time flies. The game, in which it is stated that you can hack anything you want, is available for free on the Play Store for a short time.

1. Star Wars Pinball


Regular price: $11.99

Downloads: 1,000,000+​

The Pinball game, which is known by almost everyone on Windows XP, has been the scene of highly contentious rivalries among friends as well as being enjoyable. Accordingly, a Star Wars themed version of Pinball is available for free on the Play Store for a short time.

We shared with you this week’s special discounts of Play Store, which makes its users happy with the opportunities it organizes every week. It should be kept in mind that the applications and games that are free for a short time are really free for a short time (ranging between 1-7 days), and it is useful to download the applications as soon as possible.

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