5 Free Games and Apps for a Short Time (iOS)

Compared to Google Play Store, there are 5 games and applications that are free for a short time, with less frequent discounts in the App Store. iPhone users, who are looking for new games and applications to download to their phones, can browse the list we have created and download and try the game and application they like without having to pay.

Yeti Pie


Normal price: 5.54 TL

These mythical creatures, which are known by different names in different cultures such as Bigfoot, Yeti or Yowie, become the main characters of our game this time. You can spend time playing this simple game where you want to miss the stolen cakes without dropping them with these mythical creatures.

Grocery/Shopping List Pro


Normal price: 16.72 TL

One of the most common things that happen to us after shopping is undoubtedly that we forget to buy something while shopping. In this shopping list application, which has many equivalents, there are more than 330 options that you can mark, and you can add the products you want to buy specifically to your list. Since the list is stored on your phone, you do not need an internet connection when you are at the market.

Alien Shooter – Survive


Normal price: 5.54 TL

This game, which is a special version of the legendary Alien Shooter game, which is shaped according to the wishes of the players, also has a survival mode this time. Your task in the game is to completely clean up the cruel creatures around you.

Duck Warfare


Normal price: 5.54 TL

With simple controls, 24 ducks each with different attacks and animations, 5 regions and 40 different types of enemies, this game has no in-game purchases and ads that will distract you.

Trance X


Normal price: 11,13 TL

You can make your own music and art speak in this game, which has a very robust optimization developed specifically for Apple.

We have come to the end of our article where we share with you the free apps we selected from this week’s App Store discounts. We will continue to share free games and applications with you in the coming days. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out.

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