51 cat-themed games were developed in 48 hours!

Participants who designed 51 different “catlike”-themed games in 48 hours at ÜNOG Fall Jam, which brings together 308 game developers, will vote on 8 November. “We will provide financial support to those who want to develop their games and bring them to the Steam platform,” said Sercan Muhlacı, Founding Director of ÜNOG.

The architects of the game world came together at the Fall Jam organized by the ÜNOG Game Developer Community with the main sponsorship of Peak on October 28th. In the event attended by 308 developers, 51 different games were designed with the “catlike” theme. ÜNOG Founding Director Sercan Muhlacı: “Fall Jam started on 28 October at 20:00 and continued for 48 hours. The developers have designed 51 different games about cat-specific behavior. All games will be voted on by game jam participants until 6 pm on Monday, November 8th. One hour after the results are announced, we will play live on ÜNOG’s YouTube and Twitch channels. We will hold weekly meetings with those who want to continue to develop their games, and we will provide financial support to those who aim to be on the digital game platform Steam.”

Talking about Sykoo, the game developer influencer

Saying that Sam Okay “Sykoo” Doğantimur from Unity Technologies, the most used game engine in the world, spoke at the event, Sercan Muhlacı said: “Many software developers, developers, designers and artists who are experts in the game industry attended our online event, which lasted for 48 hours. “Our team of 19 volunteers contacted the developers one-on-one over the phone in order to resolve the difficulties. Thanks to this, we captured the reality of the physical environment in our online event.”

“We have reached 3,000 game developers in 5 years”

Stating that they designed the Fall Jam event as a networking and information sharing area, Sercan Muhlacı said: “Participants not only improved their personal skills in Fall Jam, but also accessed a wide communication network in the game industry. In order to make this point the main criterion, we carried out an award-free program. Since 2017, we have reached 3 thousand game developers in approximately 5 years with the same mission. Our first game jam event, which we held within the body of ÜNOG, based on the demands of our community, was concluded successfully as the first step of our Fall Jam plans.”

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