60 percent of decision makers bring their digital transformation plans forward

The digital transformation, which accelerated with the pandemic, increased the competitive elements for companies. Turgay Piyadeoğlu, CEO of SAP Gold Partner Vektora, evaluated the issue with the following words: “With the digital transformation, companies have made 5 to 7 years of progress in 1 year. Companies that lag behind their competitors need to redesign their business processes with technology.”

The digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic has completely changed the traditional practices of companies. This year, the business world opened its doors to innovations in every field from production to logistics, from marketing to finance. Turgay Piyadeoğlu, CEO of Vektora, the Gold Partner of SAP, the market leader in enterprise resource planning software, evaluated the issue with these words: “The pauses in the pandemic have increased digital investments rather than hindering them. 60% of the decision makers put their digital transformation plans ahead, and with the investments that continue without slowing down, companies made 5 to 7 years of progress in 1 year. In the pandemic conditions, which is about to complete its second year, the only way out for companies that lag behind their competitors is to redesign their business processes with technology in order to adapt quickly to the future.”

“Companies that cannot adapt to current technology have a hard time achieving success”

Noting that only one out of every 7 companies could turn the crisis into an advantage during the pandemic, Turgay Piyadeoğlu said, “The 20% growth of communication technologies in Turkey compared to the previous year created a competitive environment in the sectors. Companies that want to reduce their costs and increase their profits need to create new strategies. In this transformation process, we, as the Vektora Family, are taking new steps to carry out our projects in the right format with our business partners. By positioning ourselves at the center of digital transformation, we accompany our customers on their digital transformation journey. If we think of the process as a lego, we realize a healthy digital transformation by integrating the other solutions of SAP around it after placing the digital core at the center.”

Our first goal is to create added value for our customers and our country.”

Stating that they continue to develop products without slowing down to prepare companies for the future, Turgay Piyadeoğlu also touched upon Vektora’s goals with the following words:

“After the first half of the year we closed with 30% growth, we will maintain the same momentum in the next period. Our first goal is to create added value for our customers and our country. As Vektora, we have been doing business in many continents for years by taking advantage of the possibilities of digital. We have accomplished many successful projects, especially in the Azerbaijan market, and we continue on our way with firm steps. We are moving forward with project partners with branches in the Middle East, America and Europe, and we are also candidates for projects in these regions. We want to continue without slowing down in the new period, taking the wind from the many awards we have won in global competitions with more than 20 products and our academic work. As a result of our stable performance in the sector, Verusatürk Private Equity Investment Trust bought 60% of our company and invested in Vektora. In the next step, we are planning an IPO. As a matter of fact, although we, as Vektora, face the pandemic with anxiety, we came out of this process stronger by turning the difficulties into opportunities.”

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