7 Free Android Games and Apps for a Short Time

Many games and applications have been discounted in Google Play Store and become free. Among these applications, we have chosen the ones that can be useful and fun for you. Here are the Android games and applications that have become free for a short time:


Normal Price: 12.99 TL

Downloads: 500,000+

With retro graphics, this platform game’s increasingly difficult gameplay is a great option for those looking for a new game to play. By a supercomputer Reed’s world is on the verge of extinction as the supercomputer begins to die. The only solution for this tiny creature trying to save the world from destruction is to collect the lost cubes that cause the supercomputer to slow down and die.

Night Survivor Pro

Normal Price: 9.99 TL

Load Number: 100,000+

In this kind of survival, adventure game, there are 5 different zombie types and more than 28 different levels. In the game, you give life to someone who is alone in the post-zombie apocalypse world with a backpack and a map. Your adventure begins when this person, who thinks he is alone one day, receives the radio signal of a survivor. Also, there are no annoying ads.


Normal Price: 1.39 TL

Number of Installs : 10.000+

With a black and white color palette and retro graphics, the aspect of this game that will impress you is its story.

“Mark, who left his hometown to live alone after the death of his family, moves to a small town called Sullen. His only desire is to start a new life…”

HEXASMASH – Wrecking Ball Physics Puzzle

Normal Price: 4.19 TL

Number of Downloads: 100,000+

Appealing to those who like platform puzzle games, HEXASMASH contains 180 different levels and also has bonus levels that can be unlocked.

Learn Mandarin – HSK 3 Hero


Normal Price : 61.99 TL

Number of Downloads: 1.000+

For those who want to learn Mandarin, a dialect of Chinese, one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. It can be a stepping app. This application, which contains 300 basic words, also includes the pronunciation of all words.

Learn Phyton Programming Pro


Normal Price: 17 ,99 TL

Number of Downloads: 10.000+

An application where you can learn Phyton, one of the popular programming languages ​​of today’s software world, in simple ways. It is ideal for those who are looking for a new hobby or want to learn a programming language.

Identify Dog Breeds


Normal Price: 5, 29 TL

Number of Downloads: 10.000+

A fun application that you can use to identify the breeds of dogs, which are people’s closest friends. It also offers three different options for our friends whose race is difficult to define.

We have come to the end of this week’s free games and applications list. Follow us to be informed instantly about paid applications that have become free.

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