7 Free iOS Apps for a Short Time

As with Google Play Store, paid apps on the iOS platform can often be free. If you want to install new and high quality applications on your phone, you can take a look at the applications in our article. By stating that the applications on our list are free for a short time, we can move on to the applications without wasting any time.

Heart Rate PRO


Normal price: 21.28 TL

With Heart Rate PRO, you can track your heart rate on your phone. Heart Rate PRO will let you know how fast your heart beats, regardless of place and time. You can download the application that measures your heart rate without the need for any extra device, via the link below.

Squeeze it: Face Deformer


Normal price: 5,28 TL

It has never been easier to take a photo from your phone and play on it. With the application where you can have fun and manipulate photos as you wish, entertainment will be at your fingertips.

Background Color


Normal price: 15.95 TL

Want to customize your phone using your imagination? Thanks to the Background Color application, it is now possible to create special backgrounds only for you. Create any background for your phone with 40 pre-assigned color options.

Remote for Mac


Normal price: 21.28 TL

What would you say if we told you that you can use your phone or tablet as a mouse for your Mac? Yes, you’re right about the understatement. Thanks to this application, your phone will become not only a mouse, but also a remote with which you can give certain commands.

i2Reader Cloud


Normal price: 21.28 TL

With the increase in e-books, e-book reader applications started to become very popular. With i2Reader, you can highlight or translate certain places while reading the book you want. In addition, thanks to the automatic scrolling feature, you will not even need to touch your phone while reading.

Sonic Sleep Coach Alarm Clock


Normal price: 5,28 TL

Thanks to the application developed by scientists and aiming to improve your sleep quality, your sleep habits will become healthier. If you are one of those who get up too tired even if you sleep for 10 hours, don’t miss this application.

Alti – Altimeter & Compass


Normal price: 15.95 TL

Claiming to be the best compass on iPhone and iPad with its minimalist design, the application will offer you all the features you want from a compass. In addition, Alti offers users a high accuracy rate, customizable background and optional metric/imperial units of measurement.

We have come to the end of our list of free apps for iOS for a short time. If you want not to miss the free applications for a short time, stay tuned.

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