7 Game Characters That Shot Gamers With Their Deaths

What are the features that affect you the most while playing games? Good graphics, fluent gameplay, hitting feeling… Let’s leave technical issues aside if you want. As a matter of fact, even though they are lagging in terms of graphics, there are games that we still want to play like crazy, and there are still game characters that make us feel strange every time we see them.

There are also the dramatic moments when we say goodbye to some of those game characters… Since we often participate by taking action, all those dramatic moments are etched in our minds. We remember most of them better than even the most impressive movie scene. Today, we remember the game characters who are sad with their vada.

Mass Effect 3, Mordin Solus:

Mass Effect, which can be considered the Star Wars of the game world in terms of space tension, and its latest game Andromeda, do what you can expect. could not afford. The previous 3 games of the series managed to impress everyone in terms of characters and story flow. Mordin Solus, one of the most interesting characters of the production, always acting with reason and logic, said goodbye to us dramatically in the 3rd game.

Gears of War 3, Dominic Santango:

The last game in the first trilogy of Gears, actually represented a closure. Santango was a man who knew how to sacrifice himself to save his friends and brother… Maybe you can’t feel that drama right now because of the graphics. Indeed, for hardcore Gears players, Santango’s death is truly devastating. In fact, according to many players, this death may be among the saddest character losses.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Ghost:

Very few people forget after playing Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare series . We were saying goodbye to one of the most loved characters of the series, right in the middle of the 3-game story that gave the chance to interact with more than one character. In fact, another game called “Ghosts” was released later in memory of this character.

Ghost was included among the unforgettable in the Modern Warfare series with his death untying some knots but tying new ones and tying our laces. Witnessing all of these moments through her eyes made it unforgettable.

Red Dead Redemption, John Marston:

If the second game of the RDR series was a hit, the first one has a lot to do with it. The dramatic farewell of John Martson, one of the most important characters of the first play, actually reminds us of the scenes in Cüneyt Arkın’s movie The Man Who Cannot Destroy. Only this time, a proud cowboy is at the center of the scene.

Leaving his family behind, Marston became a must-have character in the series, but wasted more drama. Some players took Arthur Morgan’s death more sadly.

The Last of Us, Sarah:

One of the most dramatic moments in console gaming was Sarah’s farewell. Moreover, we get the opportunity to get to know him for only 20 minutes. This death was the beginning of everything. We watched a father’s dramatic farewell to his daughter. If it was a movie, it was a scene that could fill the eyes of more people with the acting.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, John “Soap” MacTavish:

We had to say goodbye to another key character in the last game of the Modern Warfare series . Again, we saw what happened through his eyes. This time, other important friends such as Captain Price were with us. Indeed, it did not grow. The character of Soap is perhaps the most shocking character in the entire game history with his death. There are millions of players who want to finish the game over and over just for this scene.

Telltales Walking Dead, Lee Everett:

In The Walking Dead series, which is one of the most different and original works in the game world, our main focus is not gameplay, but everything. time was the story. With the choices of our lead character, Lee, we made the events flow in the direction we wanted. However, that effort continued to a certain extent, and in the end, death came at the hands of Clementine, for whom we would give our life. Although it was a forced death, it shocked those who were passionate about the game. After Lee’s death, everyone’s hearts were shattered. During the 5 games we acted together, a loved one like our daughter had to shoot and kill a loved one. This was a must-have drama for the Walking Dead universe. Experienced and done.

So, is there a game character that comes to your mind, whose death you were deeply shaken by? Do not forget to indicate your opinions, thoughts and suggestions in the comments section.

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