7 Places You’ll Come across a Social Media Phenomenon at Any Moment

The internet is a place that offers almost equal opportunities to everyone, and where everyone can make a name for themselves by producing their own content. We are so used to it now that when we see a place or event that is really interesting, we look for social media influencers before journalists.

Thanks to Instagram and YouTube, we learn concepts that we have never talked about, and we go to places we have never seen. Video blogs, the world’s most popular content style, have now become an important part of our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t criticize the work of social media influencers. It’s just that the number of ingredients that have run out of juice and lost their taste has started to increase. The biggest reason for this is that everyone discusses and conveys a popular topic.

Today we have mapped Turkey’s Phenomenon Stations for you. Here are the places we are worse than seeing (or as much as we have seen) before we go:

Çiğköfteci ali Usta:


No, we don’t want lemons anymore. Because master Ali was sour enough, let him do his job, if he has a lover, go and eat his food.

Midyeci Ahmet:


We would open up to the world. The place for those who eat if their father comes out of the sea, and those who share their story on Instagram even if they don’t…

Tostçu Erol:


Life comes from the throat, we know. As a matter of fact, patience does not melt like cheddar cheese, but it still runs out. Cheese, toast, mussels, that’s enough, let’s continue.

Cihangir, Nişantaşı, Bebek, Arnavutköy, Etiler… So the cream districts of Istanbul:


Fortunately, there are public transport services, otherwise where can so much v-log be taken? We invite you to show the back streets of Istanbul a little bit.

Eastern Express:


This epic train journey between Ankara and Kars, which normally takes around 24 hours, It can go up to 30 hours with delays. The number of people who know this is more than those who take the eastern express. Every winter, there is a place in at least two cabins of each time, if they sell tickets with the guarantee of seeing a phenomenon or blogger.

Turkey’s Maldives, summerhouse of phenomena Salda Lake:


Ok, it’s really unique such our values. Rumor has it that if you dig a random place on the beach, you may encounter microphones, selfie sticks and even broken tripods.



Because şerdan, Zero One and scorching heat. We love you Adana, but you really need recognition.

So, are there any places that stick in your mind that you are tired of seeing on the internet? Do not forget to specify in the comments.

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