7 Precautions To Take To Protect Children From Cyber ​​Threats

Celebrating the 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day of 2019, our children now stand out as children of a digital age. Nowadays, instead of going out, they spend a few hours a day on the Internet, in the virtual reality of social networks.

So how can we help kids benefit from technology while staying safe at the same time? Gürcan Şen, Istanbul Technical Manager of the information security company ESET, listed 7 suggestions that will provide protection.

Talk to your children.

Dialogue is one of the most important elements of keeping your kids safe online, especially when it comes to the internet, social networks or cyberbullying. Keeping the environment open to questions and discussion is essential if you want your children to follow your decision and advice.


Inform your children about internet privacy. Explain that they should not share personal information with strangers and on social media. The information you share on the internet is not easily deleted. Even when you delete a photo or close your social media accounts completely, do not think that this data is deleted forever. Your photos and information may have been saved on someone else’s computer. Children and parents should consider what photos and information to share.

Get involved.

Observe your children’s internet activities and spend time with them online. In this way, you get the opportunity to see their favorite web addresses. Advise your children to use age-appropriate social networks. Become his friend on social networks, have your opinion about his friends in these networks.

Parent blog of the global information security organization ESET www.cocuklarguvende.netIt can guide you on some issues you are wondering about.


Use parental control software. With such software, families can use protection filters that can be determined according to the age of the child. With these filters, families can block access to many different categories of websites and applications. In this way, it is possible to narrow the channels where cyberbullying can occur. ESET offers ESET Parental Control apps for both Windows computers and Android phones and tablets.

Watch out for the webcam.

Check the webcam that can be easily used by criminals. Allow your children to use the camera only with friends or family members they know. There are malwares that can access your webcam without your knowledge or when your computer has been abused. Security software manufacturers such as ESET block such malicious access with their ‘Webcam Protection’ modules.

Stay updated.

Keep your installed applications and operating system up to date. Make sure to patch the system. Outdated software can make your system an open target after a while.

Use security software.

The number of malware in the digital world is so high that you cannot fight without a strong defense mechanism. Make sure to use up-to-date and proactive antivirus or internet security software to protect yourself, your children and your devices. ESET NOD32 or ESET Internet Security keeps you and your family away from known and unknown dangers from the internet.

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