8 Names Back from Playing Iconic Marvel Roles

One of the most successful subjects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the choices of the actors. So, it is a bit sad that Ali İhsan Varol was never considered for the role of Doctor Strange, but it is very difficult to think of another alternative to Robert Downey Jr.

Marvel has always made risky casting choices. Chris Hemsworth (Thor), for example, was an unnamed actor when he first signed with Disney. Tom Hiddlestone (Loki) was unknown outside of the UK. Chris Evans (Captain America) was criticized for his role as Human Torch in Fantastic Four. In fact, believe it or not, the most popular cast member at the very beginning of the series was Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), who was nominated for two Oscars.

Sarah Finn is one of Marvel’s secret heroes, with her success in both casting her choice and evaluating incoming player offers. Finn, who is responsible for the casting of the company, is also put in a special place by the fans.

Here are eight actors that we might call “Nearly Avengers”, who may have played a role in one of the parallel universes:

Emily Blunt – Black Widow


Can you imagine the star of Edge of Tomorrow as Black Widow? Actually, both Marvel and the actor thought about it, but Blunt had to turn down the role. The actor, who made a two-film deal for Devil Wears Prada, had to turn down the offer for Black Widow.

John Krasinski – Captain America

The actor, known from the TV series The Office, almost took the role of Captain America. In fact, the studio had always wanted Evans, but the famous actor turned down the role twice. The studio continued under that name until Evans agreed. According to Krasinski, this project continued until “he and Chris Hemsworth’s baklava” decided that it wouldn’t work.

Joaquin Phoenix – Doctor Strange

The famous actor, whom we will see as the Joker in the near future, could actually step into superhero movies in 2014. During the selection process, which continued until the final negotiations, when Phoenix decided that he did not want the role, the role went to Cumberbatch. What’s interesting is Phoenix’s reasoning for rejecting the role: “I don’t want to be involved in big-budget action.” (He may not have watched Gladiator or did not fully understand the Joker, we do not know, we do not know) However, the actor also makes positive reviews about the Doctor Strange movie.

Nicholas Cage – Iron Man


Although the name of the famous actor, who had a great interest in comics, was mentioned for almost every role, Cage would almost wear the Iron Man armor. One hero is enough for the actor who plays the Ghost Rider character anyway.

Edward Norton – The Hulk

Edward Norton, who previously played the Hulk, was replaced by Mark Ruffalo in the first Avengers movie. It was a big surprise to the actor that Norton was not invited to the role again.

Jason Momoa – Drax


We remember Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy series. Jason Momoa almost got the role, but he didn’t want the role because he got bored of playing the “muscular man”. So the role went to Dave Bautista. Momoa also played another muscular man, Aquaman. On the other hand, there is no problem as both actors suit their roles very well.

Liam Hemsworth – Thor

In this election, where beloved Marvel completely took the form of Odin and planned to make brother to brother, a choice was made between the Hemsworth brothers for the role of Thor. We all know what the role is going for.

Timothee Chalamet – Spider-Man

Chalamet, who is a big fan of Spider-Man, says, “As many talented young actors as there were once, they tried for the role of network head”, but he is a name who has read twice. The actor, who loved the character very much, even thought of going with the hero’s costume to the trials to get the role, but in the end it was Tom Holland who got the role.

Avengers: Endgame is still in theaters around the world.

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