8 TV Shows and Movies That Almost Got Starbucks Cups in Our Eyes

Game of Thrones is the most watched television series in history… Before the last season was broadcast, HBO said that each episode in this season would be as good as a movie. Since it has been worked on for years and has been expected by the fans for a long time, it has managed to become the agenda with every episode released.

As a matter of fact, Game of Thrones created the agenda not with the events in its last episode this week, but with a Starbucks cup that looked like a mistake in the first place:

In the final season of a series set in ancient times, awaited by millions, a Starbucks cup was forgotten in one of the episodes that was as delicately scrutinized as that movie. The point was not that the bard was forgotten there, but that it was spoken by people.

We ate too.

It should be said that the Starbucks cup was not forgotten on the set of Game of Thrones, in fact, it was a viral advertisement and it was a success. Because on Twitter, the coffee that Daenerys Targaryen drank was talked about more than the last episode of Game of Thrones. Bernie Caulfield, one of the producers of the series, apologized for the mistake upon questions. On the apology, he said, “You know, Westeros is where the first Starbucks opened.”

We’re covering a rather boring subject for hardcore fans of the show and people who actually take what they’re watching seriously. Starbucks has already been setting the agenda by placing highly successful product placements in popular movies and TV shows for almost 30 years. So where else did they put those glasses in our eyes?

Do What I Say, Don’t Do What I Do (Role Models, 2008):

Although it is currently on the agenda with Avengers: Endgame, this movie starring Paul Rudd had advertisements as if it was sponsored by Starbucks. There is more than a glass in the scene above. We are inside a Starbuck shop. We hope they gave Paul Rudd the right to have unlimited “caramel macchiato” for life or something. Let’s think about it as if it needs it badly and move on to the next movie.

The Devil Wears Prada (Devil Wears Prada, 2006):

We think that the famous clothing brand Prada could not sponsor the Turkish version of this movie. Because the name of the movie, its subject and the story it deals with are advertisements for modern fashion trends. Apart from that, we see that Starbucks takes place in many stages as it commodifies everything. The expenses of the movie seem to have been covered by the product placements made while it was being shot. We wish the director and actors success in their lives, and move on to the next movie.

Intern (Intern, 2015):


It’s been 9 years, and our sister Anne Hathaway is playing in a similar movie again. For some reason, we see a Starbucks ad in this movie as well. Fortunately, these ads do not catch our eye as in Game of Thrones. Because the plaza culture and fashion world has a lot to do with coffee. However, there are still those who cannot solve the Starbucks in Wasteros, where dragons roam.

The Terminal, 2004:


This movie of our brother Tom Hanks was actually a critique of today’s culture, its social distortion and how relations at the state level crush ordinary people. Despite this, a brand that sells coffee produced by workers working for $1 a day in Ethiopia is featured in the film. There is even a global company that sells hamburgers in this movie. After all, you take all the references and product placements naturally as the whole movie takes place at an airport. Anyways. Let’s move on.

South Park:

South Park, one of the most watched cartoon series of all time, was a production with its own advertising references. Starbucks doesn’t stand out when it comes to adult comedy and cartoons. You have achieved the purpose of familiarization.

Come next.

The Simpsons:

The Simpsons, which presents the longest family adventure in history in the fictional city of Springfield, where they live, also suffers from capital games. While watching the funny stories of this family, it is possible to see many commercials. Starbucks, on the other hand, appears on the stage countless times, as well as in lines and jokes.

Fight Club, 1999:

Fight Club was a movie that destroyed popular culture and capital consumption habits. I guess we could quote something like this:

“You buy furniture. You say to yourself, this is the last sofa I’ll ever need in my life. You buy the sofa, and for the next few years you know that no matter what business goes wrong, at least you’ve solved the sofa problem. Then the crockery you are looking for… Then the bed of your dreams, curtains, carpets…

Then you get stuck in your nice home. The things you once owned will become yours one day…”

Okay, let’s criticize the consumption culture, but let’s not neglect the coffee advertisement. Fight Club was the movie that made the most and most exaggerated Starbucks commercials. It is as if the coffee does not become the owner of the people after a while…

“There’s a Starbucks cup or logo in almost every scene,” said David Fincher, the film’s director.

Shrek 2, 2004:


If we see Starbucks (associated with ‘Farbucks’ in the movie), even in the fairy-tale world of the unforgettable animated series Shek, why not in Game of Thrones? Let’s not forget that there are some who find green giants more logical than the presence of dragons.

Starbucks continues to appear in many more television series and movies, even in the most key scenes of these productions. We can’t even count the series and movies on platforms like Netflix here… Think about the point reached.

So, do you think the glass in Game of Thrones was really a mistake or was it an advertisement? Now let’s discuss again 🙂

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