8 Useful Suggestions for Increasing Height Naturally

According to the data of Turkish Statistical Institute, the average height of men in Turkey is 172.6 cm, while the average height of women is 161.4 cm. So we are not a very tall nation. Your height may be average or shorter. Rest assured this is not a problem. However, some people worry about this situation and get uncomfortable. If you are asking what to do after this age, there may be some methods that you have not heard of yet.

Of course, it is almost impossible for an average or short person to grow 20-30 cm at a time. However, even if not to such a large extent, by applying a few simple methods, you can first make peace with yourself and then It is possible to show your height a little taller. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about heels. Let’s take a closer look at some natural methods that you can apply yourself to increase your height and make peace with this situation.

The methods you can apply to increase stature and make peace with yourself naturally:

make sure you get enough sleep
Do regular exercise and sports
do yoga
Find and maintain correct posture
Pay attention to your diet
Avoid factors that hinder growth
strengthen your immune system
trust yourself
Factors affecting height
genetic factors
non-genetic factors


Make sure you get enough sleep:

For adults who are now adults, sleeping only makes them much healthier. However teenagers who are still growing They should be careful to get a good sleep. Growth hormone is secreted during night sleep. Sleeping 8 – 11 hours every night ensures that this hormone is secreted correctly. We specifically refer to it as night sleep because the growth hormone in question works at night. So leave the game or movie watching to the daytime and try to get a good, deep sleep at night.

Do regular exercise and sports:

It is necessary to separate exercise and sports at this point. Even walking for 30 minutes a day is exercise. When it comes to sports, a much more disciplined study is required. Being physically active, especially in the growth period of young people and children, regulates the level of hormones by ensuring the correct functioning of the body. Healthy foods consumed with sports will ensure that the body is at the highest possible length. In particular, sports where all muscles and bones work, such as swimming, are among the most effective sports for height growth.

Do yoga:

Here we come to the cure of adults who think they are short; yoga. Yoga means; flexibility means strengthening of muscles and strengthening of bones. All this will free up your muscles and spinal cord from being stuck in awkward positions all day. When you do these types of stretches regularly with simple yoga movements, you will surely realize that your height is not as short as you think. Due to the relaxing effect of yoga positions, hormone release will be easier for young people in growing age. So yoga is good for people of all ages.

Find and maintain the correct posture:

We do not lift our heads from smartphones, we stand at the table with our necks bent throughout the day. This situation inevitably hunched over and looking much shorter why is this happening. Stand up straight, throw your shoulders back, look forward, not at the ground. Finding the right posture is easy, but maintaining it is difficult. You need strong back and neck muscles. Be sure, when you have an upright and correct posture, you can sometimes appear 10 cm taller. Moreover, upright and correct posture will make you feel and look much more confident.


Pay attention to your diet:

Whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult; to maximize your height from junk food, fast food, saturated fats, sodas, and high-sugar foods stay away. Make sure to consume the following foods to increase height;

  • For vitamin D, consume legumes, soy, lean meat, eggs and cheese and sunbathe.
  • Consume asparagus, dark chocolate, eggs, oysters, peanuts for zinc.
  • Consume green leafy vegetables and dairy products for calcium.
  • Get a balanced intake of magnesium, phosphorus, carbohydrates and other vitamins.

Avoid factors that hinder growth:

Young people and children, pay attention to this point; even if you have the genetic potential to be maybe 2 meters Cigarette, alcohol and drug use affect all your hormone balance. and it will stop your growth by disrupting your metabolism. Not getting enough sleep, heavy caffeine consumption and steroid use are among the factors that prevent height growth. To summarize, the healthier you lead a healthy life, the healthier your body will be and you will achieve the maximum length in terms of height.

Strengthen your immune system:

Some diseases experienced in childhood and adolescence can prevent height growth. Because Keeping the immune system strong is extremely important. You should consult your doctor and have the vaccines available against such diseases. Apart from this, getting plenty of vitamin C; It is also extremely important to consume fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. By eating such foods, you will both have a much healthier body and be protected from diseases that will prevent your height from growing at its full potential.

Trust yourself:

In general, other people think that taller people are much more confident, but this is not always the case. The person’s height and other features may not always be what they seem. Therefore, if you think you are short and therefore feel insecure, do not do it. Your behavior determines who you are, not your height. It is your self-confidence that determines your behavior. For this reason, improve yourself without worrying about height and destroy it with your self-confidence.


Factors affecting height:

  • genetic factors
  • non-genetic factors

Genetic factors:

We can say that environmental or non-genetic factors play a big role in some situations, but when it comes to height, genetic factors come to the fore. if If your parents are tall, you will be taller too. It’s actually that clear. To calculate the potential of your height, you can follow these steps;

  • Add up your parents’ heights in inches.
  • If you are a man, add 13 cm to this ratio, and if you are a woman, subtract 12 cm.
  • Divide the number you get by two.
  • The last number is your estimated height at which you can grow by plus – minus 10 cm.

Non-genetic factors:

  • Inadequate prenatal care.
  • Inadequate postpartum care.
  • Health problems in childhood and adolescence.
  • Mental states in childhood and adolescence.

Along with natural methods you can apply to increase your height If you think you are short We told you how to deal with this situation. Stand tall, be confident, improve yourself, and don’t worry about things you can’t change. You can share your thoughts in the comments.

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