9 Game of Thrones Characters That Disappeared

The Game of Thrones universe is very detailed and complex. The plots, locations, characters and chain of related events. All of these make up the Game of Thrones universe. In such a universe, we should not be surprised by the diversity of the characters; however, some of these characters suddenly disappeared in the series and did not appear again. Here in this content, we will take a look at these characters.

Note: Our list is not ordered in any order of importance. The layout is random.

9. Illyrio Mopatis


First Seen:Season 1, Episode 1

Last Seen:Season 1, Episode 5, while plotting to assassinate Varys in Red Keep.

After the planning, we did not see Illyrio again, who had a good planning ability, was on both sides of the war at the same time and could easily direct the political affairs of the 7 Kingdoms.

8. Ser Ilyn Payne


First Seen:Season 1, Episode 2

Last Seen:Season 2, Episode 9, guarding Cersei in the Battle of the Blackwater.

He is a character who executed Ned Stark and disappeared silently while holding his head. His presence in the series continued in minor roles between the 1st and 2nd seasons. He was mentioned by Tywin in Season 4 and we never heard of it again. He also managed to get into the top 3 on Arya’s kill list by executing Ned Stark. Some viewers speculate that Payne died in the War of the Kings, which took place in Kings Landing in season 8.

7. Anguy


First Seen:Season 3, Episode 2

Last Seen: Season 3, Episode 7, Searching for Arya. (Could not find)

One of several members of the Brothers Without Banners, Anguy caught up with Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie in season 3. She taught Arya how to use a bow. She herself was quite good at using bows; but Arya was not caught when she fled to House Frey for the Red Wedding. Before the carnage to come, Arya was captured by the Hound. We saw some members of the Unbanned Brothers in the following chapters, but Anguy was not among them. She probably left the fraternity or died she.

6. Daario Naharis


First Seen:Season 3, Episode 8

Last Seen:Season 6, Episode 10, when he unintentionally parted ways with Daenerys.

His closeness with Daenerys, which started in season 3 and continued until season 6, surprised the audience; but this did not last long. We haven’t heard from Daario again, who was thrown into the 2nd plan in Season 6 and parted ways with Daenerys. He’s probably living in peace in Meereen, waiting for the woman he loves to return. But there are a few things he doesn’t know. First, the woman he loved fell in love with someone else, then he went crazy and burned a whole city, and finally he was killed by the one he loved. If we say that ignorance is bliss, is it appropriate here?

5. Jaqen H’ghar


First Seen:Season 1, Episode 10

Last Seen:Talking to Arya in Season 6, Episode 8, House of Black and White.

It’s highly likely that we’ve seen one of the series’ most mysterious characters, Jaqen H’ghar, anywhere, anytime. He has the ability to change faces and is a great assassin. We heard the conversations he had with Arya from the mouths of most of the characters before and after. After their last meeting at the temple, we never heard from him again.

4. Meera Reed


First Seen:Season 3, Episode 2

Last Seen:Season 7, Episode 4, when he was roughly turned down by Bran.

He took a lot of effort to get Bran to the Weirwood tree and likewise ensured his safe return from there. As a result of all this effort, Meera, faced with Bran’s rude and soulless mood, packed up her things and set out for Greywater Watch. He lives peacefully with the young warriors, as the Night King was defeated before he even came to those areas. He’s obviously very angry with Bran.

3. Salladhor Saan


First Seen:Season 2, Episode 2

Last Seen:Season 4, Episode 6: Loaning his Ships for Stannis Baratheon’s war.

We never see Salladhor, the pirate lord with a fleet of more than 30 ships, again after he lent his ships. Salladhor left Stannis’ side after the defeat at the Battle of the Blackwater. Then we see that Ser Davos came up with the idea that “We should pay the mercenaries more” when they met again in season 4. After this conversation, we never saw him again. He probably perished along with Stannis’ armies in season 5.

2. Hot Pies


First Seen:Season 1, Episode 10

Last Seen:Season 7, Episode 2, while baking a hot pie for Arya.

Hot Pie, which started in Season 1 and gathered a fan base in a short time, became Arya’s best friend. In Season 7, they met with Arya and had one last conversation. He’s probably still doing his job at Crossroads. Ben Hawkey, who plays the character, even opened a bakery in London called “You Know Nothing John Dough.” Maybe we should go and ask him what happened to his character.

1. Quaith


First Seen:Season 2, Episode 5

Last Seen:Season 2, Episode 7, While knowing in advance some events that will happen.

Not much is known about the character. For all we know, he’s a shadowbinder and lives in the eastern city of Asshai. When she met Jorah, she had warned him not to enter the territory of Valeria without protection. We did not see him again.

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