9 Interesting Facts About Cane Corso Dogs

Let’s start off by saying that it’s much better to adopt animals that really need them, rather than buying specific types that are traded first. Even if you haven’t heard of Cane Corso dogs, you must have seen them. Themselves because they are a bit imposing and strong they can be scary at times. Because of these features, they were used as guard dogs on hunts, farms and even in wars.

Today, Cane Corso dogs continue to live with us as one of our dearest friends. But they still retain the instincts they developed over hundreds of years. With good training and enough love, you can make even these huge dogs a lovable member of your family. Bride Interesting information about Cane Corso dogsLet’s take a closer look and get to know this species a little more closely.

Interesting facts about Cane Corso dogs:

One of the most loyal guard dogs
You can predict how long a Cane Corso will live by looking at its fur.
Cane Corso dogs do not like to be alone.
The Cane Corso breed almost went extinct
There are justified prejudices against the Cane Corso breed
Cane Corso dogs used to wrestle with lions and bears.
You can encounter Cane Corso dogs in countless works of art.
You have to show him who’s boss
Cane Corso dogs have a higher risk of hip inflammation


It is one of the most loyal guard dogs:

Cane Corso name means dog in Latin. caneand protective cohors formed by combining words. Cane Corso dogs Throughout history, it has always been used as a guard and guard dog. they have been used. These dogs, which have both a muscular and strong body and a loyal heart to their family members, can be the lover of their family members and protect their home at the cost of their lives.

You can guess how long a Cane Corso will live by looking at its fur:

Cane Corso dogs generally have variations in black, gray, reddish and brown colors. They may have different colored spots on their breasts and feet. The average lifespan of Cane Corso dogs is 9 years and 3 months. However, it has been observed that black color variations can live for 10 years and 3 months. They are generally easy to care for as their coat is short, but those kept at home need grooming.

Cane Corso dogs do not like to be alone:

Put some dog breeds in one place, after hours you will find them in the same place. The Cane Corso is definitely not such a dog. The muscle ratio in his body is extremely dense. Therefore, he should exercise frequently during the day. It loves to walk, run and play with its owner. They do not like to be alone and they love attention. The more time you spend with him, the more he becomes attached to you and becomes your most loyal friend in life.


The Cane Corso breed almost went extinct:

Cane Corso dogs were mostly used on farms for protection. However, in the middle of the 20th century As farms become mechanized The Cane Corso breed was almost on the verge of extinction as the need for a guard dog dwindled. Of course, lovers of the Cane Corso breed did not allow this, and the Società Amatori Cane Corso club was founded in 1983. The Italian Kennel Club in 1994 and the American Kennel Club in 2010 recognized the Cane Corso breed and kept it up to date.

There are justified prejudices against the Cane Corso breed:

Cane Corso dogs can be 70 cm in length and 50 kg in weight. well They are quite large dogs. In addition to this size, muscle mass can seem extremely intimidating when it is dense. Just like pitbull dogs, Cane Corso can unfortunately turn into a killing machine in the hands of sick people. Therefore, like all dangerous dog breeds, the Cane Corso should be socialized with other animals and people at an early age. Since they are very intelligent and friendly creatures, they do not show any tendency to aggression with good training.

Cane Corso dogs used to wrestle with lions and bears:

Cane Corso dogs were even used to guard ancient monasteries in the Tibetan mountains about a thousand years ago. affected by these dogs The Romans brought them to Italy. As if it is not enough that they make people fight to death, they also take Cane Corso dogs to the gladiator arenas. Dogs wrestled to the death with lions and bears here. All warlords had Cane Corso dogs, which both guarded their owner’s home and went to war with him.


You can find Cane Corso dogs in countless works of art:

After the Romans brought Cane Corso dogs to Italy, they not only made them fight, but also inspired them. Many famous Italian painters such as Bartolomeo Pinelli and Andrea Mantegna You can definitely come across a Cane Corso dog in one corner of his works. Due to their muscular and imposing nature, these dogs also inspired sculptors. The athletic body of Cane Corso dogs was seen as one of the most suitable art objects to be carved from strong rocks.

You have to show him who’s boss:

The first rule of thumb in training a dog of any breed is to show him who is the alpha in the relationship. This issue becomes even more important when it comes to Cane Corso because you may find yourself being dragged along after it. Because Cane Corso dogs are extremely strong They want a leader stronger than themselves and therefore they test their owners. Show them who’s alpha by passing these tests. Cane Corso dogs have an extremely sensitive soul. You will get much more successful results if you praise and reward them instead of punishing them during training.

Cane Corso dogs have an increased risk of hip inflammation:

Since Cane Corso dogs are a pure breed, they are resistant to many diseases, and for the same reason, they carry a greater risk against some diseases. Due to an abnormal hip development inflammatory rheumatism called arthritis The risk of getting caught is very high. It is especially common in dogs that are not well cared for in puppies. To reduce this risk, you should make sure that your Cane Corso dog does not eat too much and gets enough exercise.

Our lovely friend, who was wrestled with lions, participated in wars and was used as a guard dog on farms. Talking about interesting information about Cane Corso dogs We tried to get to know him a little better. You can share your thoughts about Cane Corso dogs in the comments.

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