A Computer Full of Viruses Is For Sale For $1.2 Million

This virus-infested computer is an art project called “The Persistence of Chaos” created in partnership with Chinese internet artist Guo O Dong and cybersecurity firm Deep Instinct. In an interview with VICE, Guo described the rationale for creating this project as a “catalog of past threats.”

“Malware is one of the most tangible ways the Internet can get off your monitor and bite you,” Guo told VICE. These pieces of software, with their spooky and funny names, seem almost too fake and abstract, but I think they emphasize that the internet and real life are not separate domains.” said.


Named ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig, WannaCry, DarkTequila and BlackEnergy, these 6 software have caused a total of $95 billion in damage worldwide and targeted banks, government agencies and people. Guo worked with Deep Instinct to keep this running malware from spreading. The laptop is completely isolated. This means that it cannot connect to the internet and when the auction ends, the computer’s ports will be completely disabled.

There are 4 days left until the end of the auction, but if you are thinking of buying, there is one thing you should not skip: Despite all the protections, a potential security hazard may arise. You also need to confirm that you have no intention of spreading any malware.

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