A Data Breach at Microsoft Affects Turkey

A statement came from the technology giant Microsoft that closely concerns internet users in Turkey. In the information given by the company to the Personal Data Protection Board (KVKK), it was stated that the identity information of a manager working in the call support unit was seized, and using this information, unauthorized access was made to the e-mail accounts of 1820 people in Turkey. After the incident, the Personal Data Protection Board announced that it started an investigation on the subject.

In the information given by Microsoft to the Personal Data Protection Board, it was stated that the headers of the e-mails sent by the users and the addresses to which the e-mails were sent could be displayed. It was stated that a small part of the users who were exposed to this situation may have accessed the content of their e-mails. According to these developments, these users whose e-mail addresses are accessed are at risk against internet fraud.


The incident emerged after the login information of the users was sent to 13 different employees, depending on the manager whose credentials were stolen. It is not yet known how this situation, which is against Microsoft’s security and privacy policies, happened. Whether the manager is a victim of fraud or whether hackers have carried out a direct attack will be determined after further investigations.

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