A domestic alternative has been created for the global cloud providers that put the Turkish market in the background!

The wind of digital transformation increases the need of the industries for cloud technologies. Research shows that approximately 34% of companies encounter errors in their business processes because they do not set up the right systems to control their applications. Domestic cloud technologies company ETOM Cloud offers a domestic alternative to global cloud companies.

The digital transformation, which gained momentum in the short term, especially with the pandemic, is increasing the need for cloud infrastructure services. According to the Turkey on the Road to Digitization Report 2021 prepared by KPMG, the global revenue of the cloud infrastructure services market, which was recorded as approximately 96 billion dollars in 2019, reached 129 billion dollars in 2020. The public cloud services market is expected to grow to over $362.3 billion in revenue by 2022. In Turkey, many sectors such as public, energy, education, retail, logistics, automotive, textile and tourism benefit from cloud services. On the other hand, some difficulties experienced in the process of transition to cloud systems draw attention. The report shows that around 34% of companies encounter errors in their business processes because they do not set up the right systems to control their applications.

Turkish market is not given enough attention

Mehmet Kesiktaş, CEO of the local cloud technologies company ETOM Cloud, who made an assessment on the subject, said, “Cloud computing; It is based on the provision of information processing services such as server, storage, database, network, software, analysis and machine intelligence over the internet, thereby achieving both operational and commercial gains. Today, we see that many companies are trying to buy software and hardware. However, this effort is mostly limited to establishing the necessary infrastructure for change in our country. However, it is necessary to integrate each step, monitor the processes closely and follow the development and make the necessary improvements in the company of expert stakeholders. Unfortunately, global cloud service providers don’t care enough about the Turkish market,” he said.

“We offer a domestic alternative to global cloud infrastructure providers”

Saying that ETOM Cloud brings together users with real cloud experience so that companies in Turkey can take the right steps in their digital transformation journey, Mehmet Kesiktaş said, “Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and software marketplace for organizations, as well as corporate business software We provide fully autonomous, scalable, cost-effective, KVKK compliant and secure cloud services with our data centers located in the country and domestic technology. At the same time, we are positioned as Turkey’s first and only software marketplace, and we allow local software in different categories to be purchased and used with one click, as well as world-renowned software. We offer the services of global providers with DevOps environments, database and big data services, IoT cloud platforms and disaster recovery solutions, with the consultancy of Turkish engineers. In this way, while creating a cost advantage by offering a local alternative to global providers that provide foreign exchange-based services, we aim to keep the leading sectors of our country up to date with domestic engineers and technologies, and set an example to the world with the competitive power they have gained.”

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