A Series About Alexa’s Taking Over the World Is Coming

After Netflix released the trailer for the new season of Black Mirror, a move came from Fox today. Announcing that it is working on a new sci-fi series, broadcaster Fox is about a demonic version of Amazon’s extremely famous voice assistant, Alexa, taking over our world.

Known as Iliza in the series called neXt AI, Alexa appears as an assistant put in the kitchen where people ask silly questions. Besides paying your bills, checking traffic, and playing music from Spotify, Iliza wants to dominate the world by embarking on even bigger business.


In the neXt AI series, starring the CEO who is trying to stop the super-powerful artificial intelligence he helped create, we will witness Iliza, an ordinary voice assistant, think like a human and act faster than humans, opening up to the world with a wrong code. Although the year 2020 is specified for the publication date of the series, there is no clear information.

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