A single company from Turkey entered the radar of the global purchasing industry!

One of the Koç Group companies, Zer took its place on Spend Matters’ “50 to Watch” list for the second time with its Promena brand. Zer Inc. Sales and Promena Services Director Orçun Güven said, “We are proud to represent our country by being among the rising stars of the global purchasing industry.”

Zer, Turkey’s leading purchasing and supply chain management company within the scope of Koç Group, added a new one to its international successes with the Promena platform. Promena was included in the “50 to Watch” list of Spend Matters, one of the world’s largest online purchasing resources that provides information on global purchasing technologies and developments in the purchasing sector, for the second time as the first and only Turkish service provider. Thus, Promena’s expertise in strategic purchasing and supplier solutions was once again proven in the international arena.

Making a statement on the subject, Zer A.Ş. Sales and Promena Services Director Orçun Güven said, “With Promena, Turkey’s first brand in its sector, we have been offering digital purchasing solutions to businesses with the aim of providing measurable added value since 2001. By combining Promena’s experienced team with high technology, we enable businesses to manage their supply chains end-to-end in different projects and in thousands of categories. This position enables us to create success stories in the international market. We consider Promena to be the first and only Turkish brand for the second time in the “50 to Watch” list, which includes companies that Spend Matters deems worth following around the world, as an important milestone in our brand’s global journey, and we are proud to represent our country. .

Turkey stands out in the global supply chain

Orçun Güven, who said that Turkey came to the fore in the global supply chain during the pandemic period, drew attention to the fact that they ensured the supply of more products from Turkey through Promena’s distributor network extending from Latin America to India. Orçun Güven said, “According to the latest analysis by Fitch Ratings, Turkey is in the position of the country that will gain the most from the change in supply chains in Europe. Thanks to our strategic geographical location, the markets of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Central Asia, with a population of 1.3 billion and a GDP of $26 trillion, can be easily reached from our country. Mentioning that the pandemic has made it necessary to digitize supply processes as well as to change the global balances, Güven said, “Businesses must bring sustainability to their activities in order to open up to the world. With the solutions and services offered by Promena, we support digital transformation by creating sustainable advantages in all purchasing activities of corporate companies. Thus, we are accelerating their global journey.”

The first and only service provider from Turkey in the global lists

Promena, which provides cost and time savings with transparent, ethical and efficient system management by digitizing its purchasing processes, represented our country as the first and only service provider in the SolutionMap Report of Spend Matters, which includes prominent platforms in the field of purchasing. Promena, which is included in Capgemini’s 2020-2021 Digital Procurement Research Report as well as Spend Matters, is in the “Product Challengers” category with its service coverage exceeding the average in the ISG Providers Lens report evaluating software platforms from all over the world that digitize the purchasing processes of businesses. shown.

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