A Tesla Model X Set On Fire For No Reason

One of the most sensitive issues of electric car manufacturers is the precautions taken against fire in vehicles. Electric vehicles, once they start to burn, generally cannot be extinguished until their batteries are exhausted.

A Tesla Model X, on the other hand, is quite insistent on burning. It was determined that the vehicle, which caught fire while being taken for repair, had burned down while standing empty in the garage.

Forensic engineer David Bizza said that the vehicle was taken out of the garage, while a Tesla engineer removed the supply from the vehicle’s battery so that the vehicle was suitable for safe transportation. The vehicle, which started to be transported at 3:30, caught fire at around 6:20 for no apparent reason.


The fire lasted for four hours until it was extinguished and severely damaged the vehicle. The cause of the fire is unknown. On the other hand, this is not the first time that a Tesla vehicle caught fire out of nowhere. Last December, a Model S pulled into the garage inexplicably caught fire. This vehicle also had no previous damage record.

Tesla declared that the events in this regard were “extraordinarily rare cases”. Although there is no video of the last burning vehicle, the video below of a Tesla S that caught fire out of nowhere can give an idea about fire in electric vehicles.

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