A Useful Feature Is Back To Google Photos

Up until a year or so ago, Google Photos had a handy indicator above each media item. Thanks to this indicator, users could be aware of which media item was backed up or not. Google had removed this feature, but this situation drew the reaction of users. Google will have realized the error that the indicator comes back again.


It is important for the usability of the application to see which media items are not backed up in the Gallery view of the Photos application and to be able to select the items to be backed up accordingly. Users have wanted this feature to come to the application for a long time.

What’s new on the app’s Play Store page says the following about the update:

“A new gallery view is now available to help you see which of your photos and videos haven’t been backed up yet, and to proactively choose what to back up. Also, Several improvements have been made to make Google Photos compatible with foldable devices.”

Even though the description on the Play Store has been updated, some users reported that the mentioned feature is not available for them at the moment.

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