A White Noise Machine That Will Make It Easier To Fall Asleep

White noise, which is created by adding sounds at different frequencies on top of each other, can be offered as a solution for people who have sleep problems. Taking advantage of this feature of white noise, the company named Marpac Dohm eliminates the problem of falling asleep with the white noise machine it has developed. The white noise machine can produce many different sounds, even though it uses fans with different features. Let’s take a look at the details of white noise machines together.

Classic version


  • Two different speed settings: Marpac The Dohm Classic white noise machine can emit soothing sounds to its surroundings thanks to its dual speed motor and asymmetrical propellers.
  • Adjustable sound: Tone adjustment can be made in this device thanks to acoustic coatings and double speed adjustment.
  • Operating voltage: 120 V

Portable version


  • Noise masking: Marpac Rohm portable white noise machine is able to mask annoying and distracting sounds.
  • Three sound options: This device offers 3 different sound options as bright white noise, deep white noise and soft wave sound.
  • Charging: USB charging compatible.

If you are also having trouble falling asleep, you can view the classic version from here, and the portable version from here.

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