Academic breakthrough from a domestic software company for the needs of the industry

Turkey’s digitalization rating reached 3.06 out of 5 with the effect of the pandemic. It is predicted that more than 150 thousand new software developers will be needed for this development to continue. Taking action in this context, the local software company Univera signed a cooperation protocol with Izmir Institute of Technology to support students who aim to become professional in the software industry.

With the effect of the current period and digital transformation, the information and communication sector in Turkey continues to develop steadily. This situation is also reflected in our country’s digital scorecard. According to TUBISAD’s “Turkey’s Digitization Index Report”, the digitalization score recorded as 2.94 out of 5 in 2019 reached 3.06 in 2020.

While drawing attention to the fact that indigenization in the field of software is decisive in the sustainability of the current course, it is predicted that more than 150 thousand new software developers will be needed with the contribution of digitalization and the widespread use of the remote working system. In this context, efforts to bring qualified workforce to the sector continue. Finally, Univera, which offers corporate technology solutions, has taken an important academic step. In line with the signed cooperation protocol, it announced that it will support students with career goals in the software industry by developing their R&D and scientific studies together with İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE), which is home to pioneering studies on technology.

Career opportunities such as internships and part-time work will be offered

The cooperation protocol signed between Univera and IZTECH was signed by Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli and IZTECH Rector Prof. Dr. It became official at the signing ceremony held with the participation of Yusuf Baran. According to the information obtained from Univera, the company will contribute to the career planning of IZTECH students with its knowledge and experience and will offer opportunities such as internship and part-time work. During the cooperation where joint activities will be organized to meet the needs of the sector, it is aimed to create an environment that will combine academic and sectoral perspectives for R&D and scientific studies with a focus on the software sector. In this context, Univera will support IZTECH students in increasing their work experience and career planning. Courses, academic studies and graduate programs will also be organized by IZTECH in order to expand the academic and scientific horizons of Univera staff.

“It will lay the groundwork for the development of innovative solutions in the software industry”

Making a statement on the subject, Univera General Manager Merthan Kaleli said, “As Univera, we have been carrying out studies for many years with the high sense of responsibility we have in the field of education. In this context, we are proud to formalize our ongoing work with İzmir Institute of Technology, the technology base of our country, with a longer-term planning, to nurture the software industry in every sense. The opportunities we will provide to students with career goals in our sector will help young people have a safe and successful working life at an early age. We will bring innovative solutions to the software industry by adding IZTECH’s scientific and academic perspective to our R&D center, where we develop solutions for the needs of our customers. IYTE Rector Prof. Dr. In the presence of Yusuf Baran, we would like to thank all the academic staff of the university.”

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