According to NASA, Turkey Wants to Send Its Name to Mars

The American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will send a new Rover spacecraft to Mars, our closest neighbor in the Solar system, in 2020. Wanting to include space enthusiasts in this important mission, NASA launched a campaign called Send Your Name to Mars.


Prepared within the campaign web page visitors are faced with some boxes that they need to fill out. Those who fill out all the information completely receive a representative ‘boarding pass’ for NASA’s 2020 Mars mission. You can download this boarding pass visually, print it out or embed it on your website.

With the announcement of the issue on news sites and its spread on social media, 651 thousand 658 people worldwide participated in the campaign. While the countries with the highest participation were the USA and India, Turkey was the third country with the highest participation with 78 thousand 340 applications.


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