Acer Aspire 7 Laptop Review

This model of Acer is sold with model code A715-72G-58RF. There are also versions of the Acer Aspire 7 with different components. That’s why we wanted to specify which model we were examining.


We see that Acer has included a design consisting of black and metallic colors on this computer. As soon as you lift the cover, it is possible to see metallic lines and lines surrounding the computer.acer7 incelemesi technopat 5acer7 incelemesi technopat 4

The part that says Aspire next to the screen hinge is also metallic in color and this text can be read when the screen is closed. A similar design was also featured in the Acer Nitro, which we reviewed earlier.

Weight and dimensions

The Aspire 7, which weighs 2 kilos 350 grams without the adapter and 2 kilos 900 grams with the adapter, is a comfortable and easy computer to carry.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 8 This model is 26 cm deep, 38 cm wide and 2.1 cm thick. You can easily fit it into any bag with a laptop compartment made for 15.6-inch laptops.

Technicial Specifications

In this model, Acer has included a 4-core and 8-track Intel i5 8300H processor, as well as a 1050Ti graphics card with 4GB of GDDR5 memory. There are 2 memory slots in total in the system and 2 x 4GB Hynix RAMs running at 2666Mhz are installed on them. There is a total of 8 GB of memory and the latency of these modules is 19-19-19-43.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 12 The basic operating frequency of the Intel i5 8300H processor is 2.3Ghz, and the turbo frequency is 4Ghz. This model is Intel’s 8th generation mobile processor. When you switch to performance mode from the power settings in the Windows control panel, the processor is mostly running at 4Ghz.

The Nvidia 1050Ti is still a capable graphics card at 1080p resolution. It allows you to easily play modern games on medium settings. You can play older games with much higher settings.

Intel’s internal graphics processor UHD 630 embedded in the processor is kept active. When high graphics processing power is not needed, the 1050Ti is disabled and the UHD 630 is activated. Although Intel’s internal graphics card is power-saving, it is still quite powerful. Enough for tasks like video playback up to 8K resolution and 2D browser acceleration.


Hynix brand was preferred as the system driver, as in the memory.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 13 This SSD drive in M.2 form factor with 128GB capacity is SATA-based. It is claimed to have 530MB/s sequential read and 190MB/s sequential write values. In our tests, we achieved figures close to what was promised. The sequential read was 512 MB and the write speed was around 130 MB/s.

The computer also has a 2.5-inch disk bay, and a 500GB Toshiba mechanical hard drive is installed there.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 15


This model uses a 15.6-inch TN panel known as Twisted Nematic. This panel has 1080p resolution and 60Hz screen refresh rate. The panel has a gray-to-gray response time of 8ms, a brightness of 200 nits and a contrast ratio of 400:1.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 16acer7 incelemesi technopat 17 Since the TN panel is used, the screen has more limited viewing angles. For optimum color quality, the screen should be viewed from the opposite side.

Not a suitable panel type for applications where color accuracy is critical, such as image and video editing. But enough for games, daily use and office work.

The screen bezels are not as thin as we see on high-end computers. It is also difficult to find a thin screen bezel on a laptop you can buy at this price. Because designs such as the thin screen frame are the details that increase the production cost considerably.

On the back of the screen we see the metallic Acer logo. This logo stands in the middle on a brushed aluminum textured black plastic surface.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 19


Using Qualcomm’s QCA6174A chip for wireless connections, Acer Aspire 7 can provide dual-band 802.11 ac wireless connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2. The maximum wireless transfer rate is specified by Qualcomm as 867 Megabits per second.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 31

In the wired network part, Realtek’s RTL 8168 chip was preferred. You can reach 1 gigabit Ethernet speed with RJ45 port. Protective integrated circuit against sudden voltage fluctuations from the Ethernet cable has not been neglected either.


To keep the price affordable, Acer chose the Linux operating system, eliminating the license cost. However, if you want, you can easily install Windows by burning the Windows ISO file to a flash drive. We have prepared a guide on this subject at Technopat.

See: Preparing a UEFI Windows 10 Installation USB

physical slots

acer7 incelemesi technopat 23On the right of the device are the combined headphone and microphone socket, 2 USB 2.0 sockets, power and charging status lights, and the power adapter port.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 24 When we look at the left side, we see the SD card reader connected to the USB 3.0 interface, the HDMI slot, 1 x USB 3.0 Type-A and 1 x Type-C USB 3.0 slot. Kensington lock is also on this side.

Battery capacity and life

The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3320 mAh has 4 cells and offers up to 7 hours of use in saving mode.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 25 Although this figure is impressive, this time will be shortened when you play games or watch movies. It will be more possible to get the promised time in light work such as office applications.

Keyboard, touchpad and fingerprint reader

The body flexibility of the Acer Aspire 7 is not much, so the case does not collapse inward when you press the keys.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 21 The keyboard is a full size keyboard with a numeric keypad. The keyboard has a white backlight, which is quite adequate even in pitch dark.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 26 However, the illumination level cannot be adjusted gradually. It only has the option to turn it on or off.

The touchpad with a metallic bezel is matte finish and normal size.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 29

The fingerprint reader on the touch pad is very fast and provides extra security. However, it can be difficult to read when your finger is damp or wet.

Built-in camera and microphone

This model, which has a 720p resolution camera and dual microphones, has basic quality to meet your needs such as video calls.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 30 In the meantime, let’s also mention that there is a green notification light that turns on when the camera is activated. This is a nice detail for users who have doubts about security.

Exchange & upgrade possibilities

Acer has placed the hard disk and memory under covers that you can open by removing a single screw, giving the user the opportunity to easily upgrade them.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 14However, if you want to access the M.2 slot and replace the SSD drive, you have to completely remove the back cover.

Game tests

The game Graphics Setting Resolution FPS
PUBG medium 1080p 84
Toal War -Three Kingdoms Battle Mode Middle 1080p 47.6
Toal War -Three Kingdoms Campaign Mode Middle 1080p 43.4
Far Cry New Dawn medium 1080p 47
CS:GO very high 1080p 143

Video Editing

It is possible to produce basic content on the computer. Works such as 1080p video editing and photo editing with Photoshop can be done. At this point, the most restrictive factors for the user are the 8 GB memory and the monitor with limited viewing angles. However, having the option to upgrade the memory saves the situation.

Cooling and fan noise

When we open the bottom cover of the laptop, we see that there is a cooling system with dual fans and 2 thick heat pipes. There is a single exhaust outlet at the rear right, but this one is kept wide and large.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 31

We’ve seen CPU temperatures often exceed 90 degrees in gaming tests and when opening large Photoshop files or converting video. It runs much cooler in idle or in applications that do not consume much power. If you’re going to be using applications that are always heavily loaded on the processor, getting a laptop stand with a fan can be beneficial for cooling.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 35

While fan noise is prominent in high system resource consuming applications, it usually remains at tolerable levels.

acer7 incelemesi technopat 34


The Acer Aspire 7 is more than adequate for general office work and as a student computer. It will be a suitable choice for running Microsoft Office applications, surfing the web, checking e-mail, watching movies, spending time with light games such as Dota 2, CS: GO. Even if it is not at a very professional level, it is a plus in our opinion that it has the power to process video and pictures.

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