Action Adventure Game GhostWire Tokyo Announced

Evil Withinknown for horror games such as Tango Gamework, At E3 2019, he took the stage with the new action adventure game GhostWire Tokyo. GhostWire Tokyo, which has a different game structure compared to the previous games of Tango Gamework, draws attention with its frightening structure.

You can access all E3 2019 news from this link.

The release date and details of the story-oriented game, which we will fight against supernatural forces, have not been announced yet. However, according to the information about the new game, we will investigate the cause of the mysterious disappearances in the city of Tokyo in the game.

paranormalIn the city of Tokyo, where the events took place, we will fight against supernatural forces and creatures. GhostWireIn , we also see that our main character has some supernatural powers.

In addition, in the trailer released, the last Assassin’s CreedMasked enemies who are members of the cult, which we are also familiar with from their games, welcome us.

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