Adobe Warning Creative Cloud Users

Software company Adobe has sent a warning email to Creative Cloud subscribers. The company warned its users of the potential risks of breaches by third-party applications in the email it sent. Adobe said its subscribers using CC apps should update the apps. Responding to a user’s complaint on Twitter, the AdobeCare account said that its users can download the last two versions of CC apps.

A spokesperson told Apple Insider, “Adobe has recently discontinued older versions of Creative Cloud apps. Users using these versions are informed by guides that indicate that they are no longer licensed and explain how to download the latest authorized versions. However, the spokesperson said Adobe was unable to comment on the alleged third-party infringement due to ongoing lawsuits.

I got an email from Adobe that I can’t use the software I paid for. I think it’s time to cancel my membership.

The company did not mention which lawsuit forced them to send these warning mails, but according to the news in Apple Insider, Dolby sued Adobe in March 2018 for alleged failure to comply with license agreements. Adobe has to contractually report its products using Dolby technology to the company and pay royalties.

According to court documents, Dolby accuses Adobe of using its own technologies without payment and refusing to provide the necessary information. Adobe, on the other hand, said in an interview at the time that Adobe rejected its definitions on this subject.

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