All Articles on Fenerbahçe Site Are Translated into Sign Language

Fenerbahçe, one of the biggest sports clubs in Turkey, has implemented an application that will set an example not only for sports clubs but also for all internet platforms in the world and in our country. The club is trying to remove the barrier between its website and people with hearing impairment. artificial intelligence assisted sign language translatorpublished.

In the shared announcement, the club stated that it has taken steps to take its place in the ‘Digital World of the Future’. Emphasizing that besides being an inclusive sports club, it is also a non-governmental organization, Fenerbahçe announced that it has implemented the ‘Barrier-Free Translation’ project. Well, within the scope of the project, the ‘ Sign Language Translator‘ how is it used?

How to use Fenerbahçe’s sign language translator?


To benefit from the sign language translator on the Fenerbahce website, on the left side of the pages click hand sign.Then you want to see the sign language translation on the website. click on any post . As soon as you click on an article, you will see that it is translated automatically on the sign language translator screen. You can also adjust the translation speed from the bar at the bottom of the translator. You can click the replay button to perform the translation again.


sign language translator, a constantly nurturing artificial intelligence working with Sentences clicked on the website are processed in accordance with the rules of sign language grammar, passing through artificial intelligence analysis, and sentences are presented in sign language. In addition, the translations made for the first time are saved in the memory of the artificial intelligence, so that other users do not have to wait for any analysis when they try to translate the same sentence.

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