All Features of PUBG Lite Opened to Access Announced

The increasing popularity of survival games in recent years has led to an increase in the number of games on this subject. The fact that Fortnite and Apex Legends, which were released after PUBG are free, made PUBG’s job difficult, while PUBG’s system requirements and optimization problems were also seriously discussed. As such, PUBG makers announced the Lite version of PUBG, which has become a phenomenon, thinking that the solution would be ‘PUBG Lite’. Lite version, including Turkey, has been opened as of today. With the opening of access to the game servers, all the features of PUBG Lite have also emerged.


Here are all the features of PUBG Lite:

  • Mods

In Pubg Lite, just like in the normal version of PUBG, training mode, solo mode, squad mode and solo squad mode welcomes us. The duo mode, which is frequently preferred in PUBG and includes two-person teams, is still in PUBG Lite. does not exist . In addition, we can play in two different perspective types, as in the normal version of PUBG. These perspectives are first-person (directly the character’s eye) and third-person perspective (the character is viewed from the outside).


  • seasons

The season feature, which is also similar to the normal version, is also included in PUBG Lite. In this way, you will be able to follow your statistics in the game within the determined time and you will be able to rank according to your success.

  • maps

We can say that the maps are the same in the Lite version of PUBG compared to the normal version. Only the latest Vikendi map is not included in PUBG Lite.

  • Use of Maps

PUBG Lite comes with a number of advantages when it comes to using maps. Some features that are not in the regular version have been brought to PUBG Lite. For example, the ability to see the direction of the sounds in the mobile version of PUBG is also available in the Lite version. In this way, you will be able to understand where the sound is coming from. In addition, the place where you left your vehicle is shown on the map. In addition, you will be able to see your distance to a point you have marked and the explosion time of a bomb on the map.

  • In-Game Rewards and Pass

As in the regular version, we will continue to earn Battle Points (BP) in the Lite version, as well as the Pass option used to customize the character, at least for now, for free in PUBG Lite. Passes in the regular version are divided into two different types, paid and free, and if you join by paying the price, you gain different products compared to the free ones.

  • Voice Communication

The voice communication feature is also available on PUBG Lite with different options, just like in the normal version.


If you haven’t downloaded PUBG Lite, the free version of PUBG, which is also available in our country, you can create your account and download the game by going to the official website of the game by clicking here.

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